Ambulance Service

Siren Confusion Tackled

Source: KPL

Seven rescue teams in Vientiane Capital have been instructed to consistently use a single type of siren to indicate when a person is being rushed to a hospital in order to prevent confusion among other road users.

A recent instruction by the Vientiane Police Traffic Department says that rescue teams should avoid driving fast in order to prevent road accidents while transporting patients to the hospital.

In order to improve the situation on roads and prevent road accidents, Deputy Head of the Traffic Police Department Mr Khamlack Sayasith made the request to rescue teams in Vientiane Capital and asked them to follow strictly the instruction of the Traffic Police Department.  They will use a “HI-LO” siren with blue lights on the roof to indicate that they are transporting a patient to the hospital.

“In the past, sirens were not allowed to be used by ambulances or police from 6 pm to 6 am.  However, in cases of emergency they will be allowed to do so.  Fire trucks are allowed to use sirens at all hours,” said Mr Khamlack adding that members of society have been quite satisfied with emergency services thus far.