Restaurant L’Adresse: Your New Address for Fine Food

The new L’Adresse really is an address you’ll want to look up for your next night out. In complete contrast to the previous locale, the new design sees a more modern, casual dining space which is conducive to conversation rather than stifling it. Painted brick interior walls part at the kitchen where patrons may view the chef, Tinay, hard at work in what looks like a top-notch and professional kitchen.
Elsewhere wines are displayed in an interesting glass exhibit cooled by a very obvious A/C Unit and if you can’t find the massive menu then you probably need glasses. Table settings are stylish, with modish egg-chairs that are certainly unique but also extremely ……

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Signing in at La Signature

The Ansara Hotel, built in 2010 but designed to look much older, has added its own allure to the already charming Wat Chan Lane, home to many colonial era buildings and a nighttime stroll along this laneway is a wonderful precursor to your upcoming meal. When you arrive at Ansara’s big double-doors, expect to be greeted by attentive staff who’ll guide you to your table at La Signature, the hotel’s French restaurant.

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L’Atmosphere French Restaurant

Expect the unexpected when visiting Vientiane’s new L’atmosphere French restaurant; this is a very interesting place indeed. At first glance L’Atmosphere looks incredibly makeshift, like it was plonked together over a weekend and furnished with chairs and tables that fell off the back of a truck. Then, upon second glance…

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