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Taskforce Introduces Scheme To Create Covid-Free Families

Source: Vientiane Times

The Vientiane Taskforce for Covid-19 Prevention and Control is taking steps to ensure that local residents take more responsibility in efforts to prevent the spread of Covid.

An official scheme to create Covid-free families has been initiated, which involves the participation of village offices and local families.

This will be carried out through the issuing of Certificates of Obligation, in support of the Prime Minister’s Order on strengthening measures to prevent, control and be comprehensively prepared to combat Covid-19.

This means that every family must strictly follow the measures on Covid-19 prevention and control stated in the Certificate of Obligation, to ensure that all families in Vientiane become Covid-free in the near future.

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Every family will be required to sign certificates obliging them to comply with these measures.

Under the ruling, everyone in a family must be vaccinated. Before leaving home, everyone must wear a face mask and carry hand sanitiser or 90 percent alcohol solution to clean their hands if they touch something.

Customers and service providers at barber shops, beauty salons, mini-marts and restaurants must wear a face mask and have hand sanitiser or 90 percent alcohol solution to cleanse their hands.

Anyone wishing to organise an activity that involves more than 50 people is required to seek permission from the Covid taskforce.

No family party should be held if it goes against the advice given by the taskforce.

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Any family whose members are at high risk of contracting Covid or who are known to be infected must inform the village authorities.

In addition, every family must take heed of the Covid prevention and control methods advised by the authorities.

The taskforce believes that if everyone strictly follows the Covid prevention and control measures, it will help to prevent a new wave of infections. And if every family is Covid free, people can once again live life as normal.

On March 1, a total of 273 new Covid cases were reported, of which 256 infections were transmitted within Laos. No new deaths from the virus were reported.

More than 4.9 million people (67.64 percent of the population) have now had a first dose of a Covid vaccine and more than 4.3 million (59 percent) have been fully vaccinated.