Toyota Boshoku Begins Manufacturing In Laos

Toyota Boshoku Corporation has begun manufacturing automobile seat covers in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. Manufacturing is being undertaken by TOYOTA BOSHOKU LAO CO., LTD., which was recently established as a satellite to support automobile seat production in Thailand. The seat covers will be supplied to the Thai production base.

As a member nation of the East-West Economic Corridor*1, Laos is convenient for distribution to Thailand, and has stable electricity supply and other infrastructure. As well, because of the similarities between the Thai and Lao languages, Thai managers will be able to provide work-site instruction and training.

As the Toyota Boshoku group further optimizes production and distribution in the crucial Asia and Oceania market, the company will be able to offer worldwide customers appealing, comfortable and safe automobile interior spaces.

Overview of Toyota Boshoku Lao

Overview of Toyota Boshoku Lao

*1: A 1,500 km corridor stretching across the Indochina peninsula, connecting Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar.
*2: Regional management company (hub) for the Asia and Oceania region of the Toyota Boshoku group.