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Traffic Slow At Main Vientiane-Thailand Border Crossing

Source: Vientiane Times

Few people have crossed the Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge linking Vientiane to Nong Khai province in Thailand since the government reopened all international border crossings on May 9.

Even though the bridge is the main land crossing between Laos and Thailand, as of May 25 only 13,802 people had entered Laos, 16,419 people had crossed the bridge from Laos into Thailand, and 1,299 vehicles had crossed, according to the Vientiane Mai newspaper.

In addition, only a small number of people have visited the areas designated as tourist travel zones by the government, while not many Lao nationals have returned to work in Thailand.

However, the number of customs and immigration officials at the Lao-Thai Friendship Bridge has been increased to 48, in anticipation of more people crossing the bridge in the near future, where social distancing measures continue to be observed.

Of the 48 officials stationed at the bridge, 24 are in charge of people and vehicles entering Laos while 24 are supervising people and vehicles departing Laos.

Starting on May 9, all international border crossings are now open, so that Lao and foreign nationals, well as stateless people, can enter and exit Laos freely.

Citizens of countries that have not signed visa waiver agreements with Laos can apply for a visa at Lao embassies or consulates in foreign countries. Visitors can also apply for a visa online or on arrival at border crossings where such service is available.

Lao and foreign nationals and stateless people aged 12 and older who have not been fully vaccinated are required to take a Covid-19 ATK test within 48 hours of their departure for Laos. However, they are no longer required to have a Covid test upon arrival.

People who have a certificate indicating full Covid vaccination can enter Laos without needing to have a Covid test in either their departing country or upon arrival in Laos.