Seven Injured In UXO-Related Accidents This Year

Seven injured in UXO-related accidents this year

Seven people have been injured in UXO-related accidents so far this year, according to a report from the National Regulatory Authority (NRA) for UXO/Mine Action in the Lao PDR.
NRA Deputy Director Mr Bounpheng Sisawath said that from January 1 to July 19 there had been three UXO-related accidents in which seven people sustained injuries but no …. Continue reading

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Ministry, WHO Announce Outbreak Of Hepatitis A in Xieng Khuang

Laos - Many people get “mystery disease”

The Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation in Laos jointly held a press conference last week to put an end to the rumours concerning the so-called “new mystery disease” that had been circulating on social media.
Many people received updates on Facebook concerning an unidentified illness that struck down about 60 people in Xieng Khuang province this week, causing widespread concern and speculation about this “new” disease.
Speaking at the press conference ….. Continue reading

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Authorities Make Fresh Call For Aquatic Life Protection

Authorities make fresh call for aquatic life protection

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s Livestock and Fisheries Department has once again asked fishermen to help preserve protected wildlife and aquatic species in Laos.
The warning comes in the wake of an image of a fisherman with a giant Mekong Stingray being posted on Facebook this week.
The ray measuring over 2 metres across and estimated at over 70 kg in weight was caught recently by a …. Continue reading

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New at Senglao DVD Shop


These are the latest DVDs at Senglao DVD shop:
– Batman & Superman: Dawn of Justice
– Hardcore Henry
– Demolition
– Miles Ahead
– Hitchcock /Truffaut
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State Railway of Thailand Unveils Modern Train Carriages

State Railway of Thailand Unveils Modern Train Carriages

The State Railway of Thailand on Thursday unveiled 39 modern train carriages with seat-mounted screens and aircraft-type toilets which will go into service on the Bangkok-Chiang Mai route next month.
The state enterprise showed off the new trains at its …. Continue reading

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Slowing China Economy Ripples Into Laos

Slowing China Economy Ripples Into Laos

A slowing in China’s economy is having rippling effects on Laos, which has been described by the World Bank as having “once of the fastest growing” economies in the East Asia and Pacific region.
A decade long mining boom, combined with a rapid development of hydropower, has seen Laos’ growth rate reach over 7 percent a year, allowing national output to more than double, generating some …. Continue reading

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