Stern Punishments For Visa Violators Announced: Thailand

Stern Punishments For Visa Violators Announced - Thailand

Forceful punishment for foreigners who overstay their visas in Thailand including multi-year entry bans were officially announced yesterday.
Under the new rules which had been rumored earlier this month and posted online Tuesday by the Immigration Bureau, foreign nationals who overstay their visas will be expelled from the kingdom and blacklisted for at least one year.
Those remaining in Thailand more than …. Continue reading

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Fatal Head-On Deadly Reminder To Slowdown

Fatal Head-On Deadly Reminder To Slowdown

Traffic officials have urged motorists to slow down after a horrible road accident in Savannakhet last weekend which killed two people instantly and left three others seriously injured.
The fatal crash happened on Road No. 13 South in Kaenghaed village, Xaybouly district, Savannakhet province on July 21.
An official said this was the first time such a horrible accident had occurred in the area. He reported that one of the vehicles was travelling at a very high speed and the driver lost control.
“The SUV hit with great force head-on, killing the SUV’s driver and a Vigo passenger instantly and leaving three ….. Continue reading

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Laos Struggles To Address Drug Problems

Laos struggles to address drug problems

Amphetamine drug use and trafficking is widespread in Laos, with many cases involving authorities such as the police.
Acting Minister of Public Security Brigadier General Somkeo Silavong responded to questions raised by the National Assembly (NA) members.
Mr Somkeo said it was hard to address the drug problems in Laos as many drug dealers hired authorities to facilitate their business. They did not only hire police but also … Continue reading

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Comprehensive Insurance Cover For Laos

Comprehensive Insurance Cover For Laos

J&C Services, the third largest agent of Toko Assurance in Laos, is offering customer-specific solutions to our clients, while providing at the same time the most competitive premiums. Try us and be surprised how much we differ if compared to other providers !
Our insurance services include Expat International Health Insurance, Office, Home and Content Insurance, Motor Insurance, Health and Personal Accident Insurance for local staff members and All Risk Insurance among others.
Contact us today at or 020 77 100 200 Continue reading

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Developer Spends US$100 Million On That Luang Marsh SEZ

Developer spends US$100 million on That Luang Marsh SEZ

The Chinese developer has spent over US$100 million to build infrastructure facilities and condos at That Luang Marsh Specific Economic Zone (SEZ) in Vientiane.
The infrastructure projects include a 50-hectare lagoon, road access to the zone, installation of electricity and water supply facilities and a drainage system.
The Chinese developer is now focusing on building 12 condominium blocks with 18 floors. The company is expecting to spend US$14.5 million to build each block and plans to sell them within 5 years after completion for ….. Continue reading

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Lao Exports And Imports Surge

Lao Exports And Imports Surge

The Lao government anticipates exports and imports to dramatically increase next fiscal year as economic growth will remain strong at 7.5 percent.
According to a report, government projections expect the country’s exports to be US$4.168 billion in 2014-15 fiscal year, which officially begins on October 1. The main export products, which will generate foreign exchange for Laos next fiscal year will be electricity, minerals, garments and agricultural products. Tourism is also …. Continue reading

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Kiwis Caught With Fake Notes Drawn At Vientiane International Airport

Kiwis Caught With Fake Notes Drawn At Vientiane International Airport

Two young women from New Zealand narrowly escaped spending three months in a Thai prison after they were found in possession of counterfeit American dollars.
Casey Hanson, 21, and her friend Megan Taylor, 24, said the group withdrew US$1000 (NZ$1135) at Vientiane International Airport in Laos on June 30 and US$300 of that was changed into kip, the local currency. The group spent seven days in the country before travelling to Bangkok where Hanson and Taylor exchanged US$100 into Thai baht before heading to a mall to exchange a further US$500. At the mall, red flags were raised about the authenticity of …. Continue reading

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