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Expat Mechanics In Laos: How To Maintain Your Car

Driving conditions tend to take a high toll on vehicles in Laos but you can lessen repairs if you keep your car well maintained.

Never let your petrol tank go below the empty line as this can bring up sediments in the bottom of your petrol tank that can cause the engine and spark plug to become clogged, meaning larger repairs later on. Keep an ear out for new sounds coming from your vehicle and have it checked.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry and the cost of an inspection is usually always less than that of a repair!

Also remember to check the air pressure in your tires.  This can be done for you at any number of petrol stations in Laos (in Vientiane you can go to the Simeuang Shell Station or the Caltex on Lao Thai Road) absolutely free.  You can also have your steering aligned at the bridgestone centre on Samsenthai Rd or the Maxxis Centre on the T2 Road.

J&C Services Motor Insurance Laos
If something does happen to your car, there is as yet no roadside assistance in Laos (for Thailand, see here). In the event of such a problem many expatriates do not know who to call.  One option is to call an English speaking mechanic.  Some of them are listed below.   These mechanics will also make repairs, service your vehicle and even help you out finding a second hand car for sale.


Lao Can-Am Auto Services Ltd, run by Canadian Mr. Mike Murphy, is located at 15 Phonxay Rd, near Dongpalan Road.  Call 021 452 351, 020 5550 3491-2 (English), 020 5550 3408 (Lao)  map

Dales Auto Service Location, run by British Dale Wright, located at Thangnon village. Service offered include general repair and servicing, bodywork specialist, accident repair, spare parts sales, pre-purchase vehicle inspection, breakdown service 24/7, also offers collection and delivery of customers cars. Call 020 5691 4141, enquiries@dalesautoservice.la, FB, map

Auto Specs Car Service Center, run by Filipino Mr. Tornes Bulos Evaristo, on Thadeua road, just before the US Embassy. Call 021 316 354, 020 2811 5508, autospecs@vtegroup.net

For motorbikes:

RSM RoadSound Motor, run by Mr Yo, is located in Phontongsavath Village, Vientiane. Call 020 5465 2000‬, athsavine@gmail.com, FB

TVSLao & Mahindra Tractors Lao (Elate International), offers free service & checkup for any motorbike brand with English speaking technician & mechanical engineers from India. Head Office- 253,T4 Road Ban Phonethan, Opp.Itecc Mall ,Vientiane (Lao PDR). Call 030 777 33333 / 020 778 72020, arpit@tvslao.com, www.tvslao.com

Do you know any English speaking mechanics in Laos (Luang Prabang, Pakse etc) ? Please let us know and we shall add them here. Contact us at info@jclao.com