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Foreigner Found Dead In Donepamai

A French man was found dead in Donepamai village, Sisattanak district after he hanged himself at his house last Thursday. Investigative police say they are unsure as to the motive for the suicide but said it must have been for personal rather than financial reasons.

The investigative police have identified the man as a thirty-one-year -old French citizen who was working in Vientiane.

Police did not find anything untoward at his house in Donepamai village, Sisattanak district, apart from the dead man’s body.

Deputy Chief of the Interrogative and Investigative Department Mr A M-ay Luangpakdy said that an investigation is ongoing and police are aiming to ascertain the motive behind this mysterious death.

Mr A M-ay said the security guard and his Lao girlfriend found him hanging from a piece of electrical cord at around 5:30pm. He explained that the man’s girlfriend rang him seven times at around 2:30pm but there was no reply. Later, she decided to come to see the man at his house.

She knocked on the door but there was no response. The lady then looked in the window and saw the man hanging inside. She came down to call the security guard for help. They broke the window to rescue the man but he was already dead.

“The security guard told us that he did not suspect anything when the man returned home at around 1:30 pm,” Mr A M-ay said, adding that everything was normal and he did not suspect anything to happen that afternoon.

Officials at the bank told the police the man had no problems with finance and he lived at the Lao style house in Donpamai that the bank rented for him.

“There was no sign of fighting. Everything was there and normal,” Mr A M-ay said. He speculated that personal issues may have been to blame. However the police will look at all possibilities before reaching that conclusion, he assured.

There have been two similar cases in recent times. One was a Japanese citizen and the other was Australian.

Source: Vientiane Times