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Gas Price Skyrockets As Thailand Restricts Exports

The price of gas in Vientiane has surged over the past few months, after Thailand applied restrictions to the export of commodities.

Thai authorities have tightened inspections on the export of unlicensed gas to neighbouring countries, resulting in a gas price hike in Laos. The move has especially impacted residents of Vientiane, who need to use gas tanks in their businesses or homes.

The owner of a gas shop in Nalongkhoun village, Phonhong district, Vientiane province, Mr Khampan Thonsavanh said the price of gas had been increasing for about two months after Thailand decided to limit their gas exports.

Mr Khampan said, “In the past I found that it was easier to import gas tanks from Thailand to sell to customers in Phonhong district; however, around two months ago it started becoming extremely difficult.”

He said he would only be able to import less than five gas tanks at a time, which had made the supply of commodities to customers unstable and forced him to increase the price.

The price of gas ranged from 70,000 to 100,000 kip per 16 kilograms but the price has now increased to 130,000 to 160,000 kip per unit, he said.

Ms Siliphone, a resident from Khounta village in Sikhottabong district of Vientiane said, “We are using gas to cook every day, so the current gas price is really affecting us.”  “The prices have increased from 150,000 kip for a small gas tank to 200,000 kip, with a big gas tank increasing from 500,000 kip to 650,000 kip.

“It is not a good situation for me because I need to use gas daily and it’s costing us a lot of money.” “I think the majority of shops in Vientiane buy gas from Thailand and due to the limited exports, it’s hard for them unless they increase the price,” she said.


Source: Vientiane Times