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Govt Pledges To Diversify Energy Sources To Minimise Imports

The government has vowed to diversify its sources of energy by developing solar, wind power and coal-fired power plants to address the electricity shortage in the dry season.

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Nam Theun 2 Shareholders, Govt Partner In World’s Largest Hybrid Floating Solar Project

The government and shareholders in the Nam Theun 2 hydropower plant have agreed to develop Nam Theun 2-Solar, the largest hybrid floating solar project in the world.

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Utilities Reduce Electricity And Water Tariffs For Households

The state-run Electricite Du Lao (EDL) and Vientiane Water Supply State Enterprise have cut power and water tariffs by three and five percent respectively to help people cope with the impact of the Covid-19 crisis.

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The Changing Landscape of TV In Laos – Don’t Leave Your Favourite TV Show Behind

Finding your home comforts in Laos isn’t always easy. Your favourite TV shows, however, are not out of reach!

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Dirty Water Supply Draws Public Complaints

Householders in some areas of Vientiane have expressed concerns about red colored water when they turn on their taps, prompting questions about the quality of the capital’s supply. However, an anonymous official from the Vientiane Water Supply Company (Nampapa Nakhoneluang) told Vientiane Times on Friday that householders shouldn’t be too concerned about unclear water as workers are repairing broken pipes in the area.
“When water pipes are being fixed ….

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Govt Mulls Revising Electricity Fee

The government is mulling a revision of electricity tariffs after Electricite du Laos (EDL) submitted a draft revision that proposes reducing power fees to the government for consideration and approval.
If approved, EDL will subsidise up to six billion kip per month in power costs as per the proposed revision set to …..

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Consumers Angry Over EDL’s Response To High Bills

Despite reassurances by Electricite du Laos (EDL) that meters are operating normally and no price change has taken place, consumers are unhappy with the high bills they must pay and want further clarification.
Speaking at a press conference yesterday, the Director of EDL’s Vientiane Power Distribution Department said high electricity consumption does not drive up the tariff rate and household meters installed by EDL are still ….

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Laos Inaugurates Largest Coal-Fired Power Plant Constructed By China

The Hongsa Power Plant (3x626MW), which was constructed by China, was inaugurated in Laos’ northern Xayaboury Province on Wednesday.
The project is currently the first and largest coal-fired power plant project in Laos, which comprises coal mines, transmission lines and power plant. The inaugural ceremony was ….

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Largest Asean Wind Farm In South Laos

THAI renewable company Impact Energy Asia (IEA) plans to build the largest wind farm in Asean – and generate 600 megawatts on 400,000 rai in southern Laos – under an agreement signed by the Lao government and the company on Friday.
“Called Monsoon Wind Farm, the US$1.5 billion [Bt50 billion] farm will be located near the Mekong River across from Ubon Ratchathani,” said Woramol Khamkanist, who heads the firm.
The wind project will be turned over to the Lao government after a …..

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Producers Of Fake Drinking Water Caught

Police officers are now expanding their investigations into four Vietnamese who were caught in the last few days at a house in Nonvai village of Xaysettha district, Vientiane where they were illegally producing fake bottles of Tigerhead drinking water.
According to the police, four Vietnamese were making a fake version of Tigerhead drinking water which comes from the Lao Brewery Company. Two of the four Vietnamese are a …….

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Public Urged To Save Water Over Summer Months

Water supply shortages during the current period of hot weather require members of the public to use water more efficiently and economically.
If anyone finds water leaks, people stealing water or destroying water meters, please call Vientiane State Water Supply Enterprise’s (VSWSE) hotline number 1169, representatives from the enterprise asked.
It’s accepted that the company’s plants are not able to supply enough water to the public due to the population ….

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Fuel Prices To Keep On Dropping

Petroleum operators expect fuel prices will continue to drop for the next few months after seeing prices go down since the beginning of the year.
The government has lowered the prices of premium, regular petrol and diesel in Vientiane and five provinces effective last Friday. “It is the third time for a fuel price reduction this year,” an official of …..

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Powerhouse Laos Offers Burma a Fix to Electricity Woes

Burma’s chronic lack of electricity to power its economic development could be solved from an unlikely source—underdeveloped Laos.
Laos has just 6.8 million people and is mostly covered in forest, but is almost as big geographically as Italy, which has a population of 60 million. It also has numerous fast-flowing rivers, running from mountains in the north as high as 2,800 meters, and the communist government in Vientiane has drawn up plans to build scores of dams on them to harness their hydroelectric potential.
If all the hydro-dam projects under construction or firmly planned and on the drawing board were built, Laos would have an electricity generating capacity of …..

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Water Price In Vientiane Set To Rise

The price of water will be adjusted higher gradually by about 3-5 percent from now until 2018 and divided into three main levels of users.
The new service will start to be implemented immediately according to the Vientiane Administration Office announcement.
The aim of the adjustment is to get water supply users in Vientiane to pay service fees appropriate to their use because in the past they all paid the same rate.
Between 2015 and 2016, the price of water supply will increase by …..

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Electricity Unit Price ‘Not Expensive’: Laos

Members of the public have complained that the unit price of electricity in Laos is high, despite the fact that Laos has developed a number of hydroelectricity dams in recent years.
A deputy minister said the unit price of electricity in Laos is already lower than prices in many other countries in the region.
Laos’ average unit price is currently charged at 600 kip per kilowatt hour (kwh), equivalent to slightly more than seven cents, lower than about 16 cents (1,280 kip) charged in neighbouring Cambodia, and lower the than ….

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EDL’s Installation Of Different Meters Raise Questions

Questions about the installation of different meters were raised by members of the public as they thought that if the meter was spinning faster it meant they were going to be charged more on their monthly bills.
The Vientiane Power Distribution Department’s Electricite du Laos (EDL) explained to media representatives last friday there are actually two types of meter, smaller and larger sizes, with the larger turning more slowly than the smaller one but the speed of rotation had ….

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Gas Price Skyrockets As Thailand Restricts Exports

The price of gas in Vientiane has surged over the past few months, after Thailand applied restrictions to the export of commodities.
Thai authorities have tightened inspections on the export of unlicensed gas to neighbouring countries, resulting in a gas price hike in Laos.
The move has especially impacted residents of Vientiane, who need to use gas tanks in their businesses or homes …..

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EDL’s New Regulations To Speed Up Slow Payers

Electricite du Laos (EDL) is tightening regulations to enforce stricter collection of debts after many electricity consumers have failed to pay their bills, leaving large sums unpaid over the past few years.
Currently, EDL is facing serious challenges running its business efficiently when a large number of electricity users owe money to the public company. There is more than 270 billion kip in debt from electricity users in Vientiane alone. However, more than 400 billion kip is owed by customers across the country.
“It is quite a challenging issue for ….

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Vientiane Struggles To Produce Sufficient Water

An under-construction water purification project set for completion late this year will increase water supply coverage from about 71 percent to 85 percent in the capital, a senior official has announced.
The NPNL issued an announcement yesterday in the wake of concern over the insufficient supply of water it currently produces.
The NPNL called for members of the public to exercise economical use of the limited water in order to ensure those in outlining areas and on higher ground would also have enough water for their daily needs.
At present, four purification plants operated by the NPNL are producing 180,000 cubic metres a day – still far short of the current total demand for …..

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Laos & Philippines Ready To Plug Into Electric Vehicles

Laos and the Philippines are keen to introduce electric vehicles and make EV production their key industry in the future, a development that may benefit auto-makers from Japan.
In Laos, which has abundant hydroelectric power, electricity charges are half of those in Thailand. The Laos government is implementing a project to convert 40 per cent of the nation’s motorcycles, tricycles and four-wheel vehicles into EVs by 2020 with the ….

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Laos To Produce 12,500 MW Electricity By 2020

Laos expects to see a big surge in electricity production over the next seven years with a number of hydropower plants currently under construction. Installed capacity of Lao power plants will reach 12,500MW in 2020, up from 3,200MW at present.
The huge increase in power production capacity will be possible when eight hydro plants and one lignite-fired power plant become operational over the next seven years.
Economists say the huge increase in electricity generation will not only play a significant role in securing…..

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Lao Drinking Water Companies Reviewing Safety Standards Following Complaints

Lao drinking water companies are reviewing safety standards following a rash of complaints. Companies that sell bottled drinking water in the Lao capital Vientiane have pledged to upgrade the quality of their supplies following public complaints about safety standards in the industry and surprise government inspections on water production facilities.
During the September-October period, the Drinking Water Association in Vientiane received numerous complaints of unclean water in bottles consumers had purchased from local stores.

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Over 60 % Of Drinking Water Plants In Vientiane Reported Substandard

More than 90 plants producing drinking water in Vientiane are distributing their products to the public despite lacking the necessary certification from the Ministry of Health’s Food and Drug Department.
Health officials are very concerned about substandard drinking water in the capital, fearing that water distributed by substandard factories could affect the health of people both in the short and long term.
Critics say it is important to publish the names of both standard and substandard plants in the media so that ….

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