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EDL’s Installation Of Different Meters Raise Questions

Questions about the installation of different meters were raised by members of the public as they thought that if the meter was spinning faster it meant they were going to be charged more on their monthly bills.

The Vientiane Power Distribution Department’s Electricite du Laos (EDL) explained to media representatives last friday there are actually two types of meter, smaller and larger sizes, with the larger turning more slowly than the smaller one but the speed of rotation had nothing to do with the amount of electricity being consumed, the figure in kilowatt hours (KWh) was identical.

Mr Mixay Chittalath speaks to the media during a visit to the company’s substation in Vientiane last Friday.

“It is technically wrong that people think this way because all meters are produced to international standards,” he said, Deputy Director of the Vientiane Power Distribution Department, Mr Mixay Chittalath adding that checking and recording a meter’s reading is a good thing for customers to do to ensure they are using electricity efficiently.

He also advised that cleaning fridges, air conditioners and other electrical devices will also help to save energy.

“With regards to power cuts, they are sometimes unavoidable because the cables are exposed in the air. If they were buried underground, there would be fewer interruptions but the cost of putting them there plus accessing them when there is a problem is very high,” he said.

The department also informed that they are working on improving the system of operation and distribution to have less power cuts by purchasing advanced technology to monitor the power cables to see whether they are still in good condition or need to be changed.

“Nowadays we still rely on old meth ods. For example, the technicians will travel around Vientiane to see where problems are occurring but with the new monitoring technology, we will be able to perfrom this inspection work much more quickly and easily,” Mr Mixay said.

Along with other senior of ficials from the department, Director Mr Soukhon Chanthone also took part in a field visit to EDL’s substations in Vientiane in an effort to provide a clear explanation about how the electricity supply to Vientiane is operating and improving.

By giving this clear explanation EDL hopes to offer the public a correct underst anding of the various issues relating to public interest and in response to the questions raised through the hotline for the 7th Ordinary Session of the National Assembly last week.

Source: Vientiane Times