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Public Works Ministry Sets Water Rates For 2022

Source: Vientiane Times

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport has instructed water supply providers to set the cost of water at 3-5 percent of average family income, in order to keep costs at a reasonable level.

Water suppliers will also set different rates according to the volume used by a household, with different amounts charged for consumption of 0-7 cubic metres, 8-15 cubic metres, and less than 15 cubic metres.

The ministry also instructed water suppliers to improve the quality and reliability of their services so that consumers are satisfied.

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The cost of water supply installation should also be reasonable, so that water suppliers do not seek to make a large profit from their customers and should allow low-income households to pay for the cost of installation through monthly payments spread over one year.

A report on the pricing structure was presented last week at a meeting of the ministry’s Water Supply Business Adjustment Committee, chaired by Deputy Minister of Public Works and Transport, Mrs Vilaykham Phosalath.

The meeting accepted a draft agreement on revised water supply prices, draft guidelines on determining the water supply price, draft guidelines on creating water supply business plans, a draft annual report on the achievements of the water supply sector, and an action plan for the Water Supply Business Adjustment Committee for the year 2022.