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The Changing Landscape of TV In Laos – Don’t Leave Your Favourite TV Show Behind

Finding your home comforts in Laos isn’t always easy. Your favourite TV shows, however, are not out of reach!

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‘Our Lives On Film’, Mastering The Art Of Documentary Filmmaking

Countries with a less developed film industry such as Laos usually have a stronger documentary scene. Producing documentaries costs less than producing movies. But is not the only reason for this interest in real life storytelling.
There were twelve Lao filmmakers eager to be trained and learn more about the art of documentary filmmaking. The workshop held from September 14th to September 22nd was organized by the LuangPrabang Film Festival and instructed by the Humanitarian Media Agency (HUMA). It was all about this topic: giving the participants the tools to produce a good documentary film…..

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Cable Thai Holding To Enter Laos Market

Cable Thai Holding (CTH) has formed a joint venture in Laos with two local partners in a move to expand its market.
Kittsanan Ngampathipong, CTH chief executive officer, said the company signed a deal last week to form a joint venture to create CTH SSN Television (Laos) with Lao’s communications and broadcasting business TK Group and broadcaster SSN.
The joint venture will broadcast English Premier League matches as well as CTH’s own content in Laos. It will also enter the broadband Internet business. CTH is comprised of more than 300 cable-TV operators and provides of fibre-optic transmission and Internet broadband. Last year it surprised the market by snatching up the EPL broadcasting rights for …….

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