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The Changing Landscape of TV In Laos – Don’t Leave Your Favourite TV Show Behind

Finding your home comforts in Laos isn’t always easy. Your favourite TV shows, however, are not out of reach! There are generally two routes you can take to ensure your viewing goes unperturbed.

Satellite TV in Laos may leave you few options, but can still provide you with your sport or soapie fix. The more popular option of Internet Protocol (IP) TV systems can give you access to live TV, catch-up TV or the new staple, video on demand (VOD). These systems require a reasonably good internet connection for smooth streaming of video content.

Let us first discuss the conventional option of satellite TV. Laos has only one satellite within its territory operated by Lao Asia Pacific Satellite co. LTD (LAOSAT; tel: 855/021 228 228). They didn’t reply to our request for detailed information. However, it is also easy to gain access to other satellite providers such as TrueVision, Kplus TV, or LDTV Lao Digital TV

Lao Digital TV
Tel: 021-454 446
1 year Kip 300’000, 2 years Kip 480’000
Service includes 61 channels, with 4 in English Language: Movie 1 HBO, Movie 2 Starmovie, CNN and CNBC, click here for the full channel list

Kplus TV
Tel: 020 9999 6979 (speaks Vietnamese and Lao, but no English)
Installation & 1st year: Kip 1’400’000, 2nd year Kip 750’000
Services provides about 130 channels, including local, sports and western channels, see the list here

Tel: 020 58 443 311 (Sommay Satelite)
Installation: There are two options, either to buy the equipment or to rent it, for pricing click here
For Laos, there are two packages available, Gold is Baht 1’600 per month, Plantinum Baht 2’300 per month (click to see details)

Within the new generation of “Netflix and chill” millennials and binge-watchers, several IP TV systems are now also available. These are subscriber-based telecommunications networks with high speed access channels available to users.

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Several options are available in Laos for both local and Western viewing. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video as well as Hulu (offering HBO, Showtime and Cinemax extensions) start at around $6 per month and are available in Laos. These providers usually don’t offer sports, but they do have a good range of series, documentaries and movies that are perfect for binge-watching or regulated kiddies entertainment (with parental control settings).

The nice thing about the IP TV systems is that you don’t even need a TV. A laptop, computer, xbox, TV box connected to a screen or projector or any cast device with a screen will do just fine.

For your streaming to go smoothly you will require adequate internet speeds and available usage. Luckily data is good value for money here, although you will want to opt for 4G or FTTH (fibre-to-the-home). Most areas around Vientiane will have fibre access, although you will need to purchase a router to be connected to the fiber line (available from your service providers).

Unitel (tel: 021990196), Laotelecom (online chat) and Beeline (fastest; tel: 0277800515 or online chat) are the main mobile service and broadband providers and also offer FTTH internet connection, which is faster and more stable. Since most households prefer personal internet access, subscription VOD systems are an easy option to get started and is sure to keep everyone busy on a rainy summer day.

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by Lara Alexander, copyright J&C Services 05/2019