Guru Shop – Sharing Technological Wisdom

Driving along Samsenthai road, the black building with white letters reading “Guru Shop” immediately caught my eye. Don’t tell me they opened a spiritual center, I joked to myself. Curious as I am, I turned around and entered the “temple of wisdom”, which turned out to be the latest Apple shop in Vientiane.

“Our goal is to introduce as many people as possible to new technologies and gadgets, and teach them how the gadgets can make their daily lives easier”, explains Eddie Savankham, the owner of Guru Shop.

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D*Mart: Your Vientiane Shopping Destination

A new shopping destination is set to open tomorrow right in the heart of Vientiane’s commercial shopping strip: Dongpalan Rd. D*Mart, the latest installment from the owners of the already successful Home Ideal, will bring together a supermarket and a fresh market in the same location for the first time. The site will also include a food court, souvenir stores, electrical appliance stores and retail fashion and cosmetic outlets.

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ME SHOP specialises in trendy electronics, so it doesn’t sell TVs or toasters, but rather iphones, ipads, Playstations, Xboxes and more. It’s set up so that people can walk in and just hang out if they want to, and during my visit many were. Some customres played Playstation whilst others listened to ipods at special listening stations. There is a counter at the front staffed by the shop assistants who give free advice or accept broken devices for repair. ME Shop is even licensed to repair Apple products.

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