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Home Delivery Service Convenient, But Raises Covid Concerns

Source: Vientiane Times

Products ranging from clothes to food and drinks can now be delivered to private homes by several logistics and delivery companies operating around Laos, especially in Vientiane, which offer door-to-door service during the lockdown.

Nowadays the vendors of food, fruit and clothes as well as household products tend to use Facebook live streaming as an online platform to sell products as part of society’s adaptation to the new normal.

The lockdown has changed the way people live during a time of constraints and restrictions such as the closure of shops and restaurants and limited travel.

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This means home delivery is often the only way people can buy products from their home, simply by clicking any online banking payment application on a smartphone. If all goes well, the goods ordered will be delivered to the home of the purchaser within 30 minutes or an hour.

“In the past I used to enjoy going shopping and having a cup of coffee with my friends. However, the lockdown restrictions still allow me to buy goods from home, including food and drinks,” one Vientiane resident said.

He said he bought a hair clipper online last week and it was delivered by the vendors to his home in one hour, with cheap delivery fees.

“I think it is cheaper to buy items from home and get them delivered quickly using the numerous choices offered by delivery companies. However, we have to remember to use a hand spray or gel to keep ourselves safe whenever we pick up things that have been brought by a delivery man,” he cautioned.

As shopping gets harder and options are more limited during lockdown, other choices have appeared and entrepreneurs in Vientiane have been quick to fill the gap. Delivery services are both convenient and affordable.

In addition, some large and medium-sized items are also delivered by logistics companies to customers in the provinces.

In compliance with virus prevention rules, it is good to see the employees of these logistics companies wearing masks, maintaining a safe distance, and providing customers with alcohol-based spray or gel outside their offices.

“We always encourage our riders and employees to prioritise hygienic issues such as social distancing, wearing a mask and regularly washing their hands in order to keep ourselves and our customers safe,” one delivery rider said.