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Innovation Through Collaboration

Two  companies, DiscoverLaos and J&C Group have recently formed a new strategic partnership.

Discover Laos and J&C are pretty much leaders in their particular business activities. Both have developed through innovation, and it seems are always looking for new business solutions & activities.

J&C Services started in 2008 and has expanded to become J&C Group which now includes J&C Marketing, J&C Insurance Brokers, J&C Real Estate, and J&C Concept Projects.

“Starting as a dream in 2006”, DiscoverLaos had become the leading the travel business in Laos, now with over 300 registered tour operators and hotels as partners!

DiscoverLaos work in hospitality with their own hotels and tour operations, and they have developed their own electric vehicles for rent and sale, and they have developed  their own IT services with their own systems for hospitality businesses and more.

Stephan R. Aeschbach, President J&C Group and Benny Kong, co-founder & program director Discover Laos Today .

DiscoverLaos is prominent in Luang Prabang – the J&C Group is prominent in Vientiane and with mutual support they can enhance the strengths of both partner companies, building their reach to customers, adding great customer support & service.

They will strategically work together as they share the same attitude, to quality, to innovation, to opportunity.

In this first step, J&C Group has establish a presence in Luang Prabang under the umbrella of DiscoverLaos, while J&C Group will represent DiscoverLaos, especially in developing long term rental of EV vehicles in Vientiane.

As an innovation, based on this new partnership, you won’t need to buy an electric city car or electric motorbike, you can just rent it for 6, 12 or 24 months for a very fair price and, if you wish, after this term, buy it or continue the current rental agreement.

Or just sign a new contract and get a new vehicle.

And by partnering with DiscoverLaos in Luang Prabang, J&C will help many more companies and individuals access high-end services in marketing, insurance and other services on offer – right alongside DiscoverLaos’ well known operations.

Having all the services and products that DiscoverLaos bring to Vientiane in collaboration with the new J&C services and products which will be created, via innovation, quality assurance and finding opportunities, a strategic growth is, for sure, for everyone.