J&C Awarded Third Time “Top Agent”: Toko Assurance

Toko Assurance celebrated its 6th Anniversary with a warm reception for staff, their nationwide agents, brokers and clients. In his speech Toko Assurance’s CEO, Mr. Chong Yoong Swee, thanked the agents and customers for their treasured support which, he stated, has contributed greatly to spectacular growth for Toko in 2013.

J&C Awarded Third Time “Top Agent”: Toko Assurance
Mrs. Arinya Phonsey receiving the award

The Award Ceremony for its top agents was the climax of the evening setting a positive tone for an even better performance in 2014. J&C Expat Services, represented by Mrs. Arinya Phonseya, Office & Finance Manager, was awarded as the “Top Agent Bronze”.

“Being a Top Agent for Toko in Laos is a great honor” said Mr. Aeschbach, Senior Partner at J&C, “I would like to thank all customers of J&C Services for their support and for trusting in our services. Furthermore, I would like to thank the entire team of Toko Assurance for their outstanding support”.

J&C Services received already in the previous two years “Top Agent” awards. “J&C Expat Services strong performance is impressive” explains CEO Chong. “J&C Services has become an important link between the Expat Community in Vientiane and Toko Assurance”.

J&C Awarded Third Time “Top Agent”: Toko Assurance
“I’m very proud of our J&C team, again they did a great job”,
praises Mr. Aeschbach his team members


Today Toko Assurance is one of the country’s leading Insurance providers with more than 350 agents across the entire country. J&C Expat Services offers clients a wide range of insurance products, including:

  • Vehicle insurance (car, motorbike etc)
  • Property and Content insurance
  • Health and Personal Accident for local staff members
  • International and local medical health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Accident and disability insurance
  • Income protection

As a smaller niche provider, J&C Services is offering customer-specific solutions to its clients, while providing at the same time the most competitive premiums.