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J&C Group welcomes Lukasz Nitka as Partner !

It is with great pride and excitement that we announce Mr. Lukasz Nitka’s promotion to Partner at J&C Group! Since he joined J&C in 2018, Lukasz has made a monumental impact through his ability to inspire those around him, his hard work and his commitment to quality.

With his support, we have grown tremendously and have been able to impact our clients, colleagues and communities positively through our work.

Lukasz Nitka, Partner and Stephan R. Aeschbach, President
Lukasz Nitka, Partner and Stephan R. Aeschbach, President

“Lukasz has been thoroughly involved with our clients, and our people. He truly demonstrates the firm’s values as he delivers quality work and solves important problems. I am very proud to welcome Lukasz as a Partner at J&C Group. Congratulations!” says Stephan R. Aeschbach, Founder & President of J&C Group.

Lukasz brings 20 years of varied experiences in the industry. His experience constitutes of:

  • More than 12 years in Marketing and Advertising Agencies
  • Last 3 years as a business developer and Managing Director of Marketing and Investment Department in J&C Group.
  • 6 years as Project Manager and Consultant for overseas investors in the Lao market
  • Currently Board Member of European Chamber of Commerce in Laos
  • More than 5 years as a Member of Board responsible for European and African markets in a commodity trading business
  • 3 years as a President of Sport Federation and ranked as the number 1 player of Squash in Poland and Laos. 

Lukasz has been part of the J&C Group for over 3 years in various capacities such as Director of J&C Marketing and J&C Investment. Now, with his promotion, Lukasz will be in-charge to oversee all the departments in a greater capacity. “My aim is to build businesses through exceptional service and effective management of people, relations, technology and processes” adds Lukasz.

J&C was founded in the year 2008, over the years it has grown into J&C Group with several business departments with over 100 employees today. Currently, the J&C Group has the following business departments: Insurance, Marketing, Investment, Joint Ventures and Real Estate. With Insurance and Marketing being the leading service providers in Laos in their respective fields.