J&C Services Launches Ground-Breaking Health & Life Insurance

J&C Services together with Lane Xang Assurance (LAP) just launched a new groundbreaking Health & Life Insurance, called J&C Elite Care. “It’s the first health & life insurance product with a comprehensive cover up to US$ 100’000 which is available for Lao citizens and Expats living in Laos” says Mr. Stephan Aeschbach, owner of J&C Services.

“J&C Elite Care offers a comprehensive expat health & life insurance plan that can be tailored to meet your needs and protect you and your family while living and working in Laos. There are various options to meet almost any budget.”

J&C Services Launches Ground-Breaking Health & Life Insurance
Celebrating with the first clients of J&C Elite Care Plan, the Rawlinson family.
l.t.r: Do Dang Khang, CEO Lane Xang Assurance, Pokky, Dara, Seng & Dave Rawlinson, Arinya Phonseya, Office & Finance Manager J&C Services, Stephan Aeschbach, owner of J&C Services

CEO of Lane Xang Assurance, Mr. Do Dang Khang, confirms that “the J&C Elite Care health & life insurance plan is a great choice for local nationals and expatriates, covering Laos, Thailand and Vietnam.” Mr. Do Dang Khang further explains that this premier health & life insurance product targets at clients residing and working in Laos having demands for comprehensive healthcare services with international standard.

“We are proud launching this new product together with J&C Services, which is not only the largest insurance agency catering to expatriates in Laos, but who is also known for their professional services and partnership-approach towards their clients”

J&C Elite Care is issued by Lane Xang Assurance (LAP), which is underwritten by its shareholder PTI (Post and Telecommunications Insurance Joint Stock Corporation), which is ranked 3rd among the 29 non-life insurers in Vietnam. LAP is equally owned by Lao Development Bank (LDB) and PTI, with Dongbu Insurance being a strategic partner (holds 37% of PTI). Dongbu is Korea’s oldest and largest non-life insurance company with branches in the USA and many other countries.

The combined experience and financial strength of PTI and Dongbu provides a firm support to LAP and hence to J&C Services and the J&C Elite Plan.

J&C Services is a leading insurance agency known for offering customer-specific solutions to its clients while providing the most competitive premiums. Customers can find more information on the new health & life insurance here J&C Elite Care