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Landslides Block Roads in Luang Prabang

Source: Lao News Agency

Days of torrential rain have caused landslides blocking roads in districts of Luang Prabang.

On Aug 6, traffic on Road 13 North (KM 276+400) in Phoxay, Phoukhoun district was disabled. Relevant authorities are making efforts to restore normal traffic. One empty house was eroded and fell into ravine in Phakengnoy village. 

Some sections of Road No. 2508, between Ban Phoutidpheung (Meuang Ngoy-Meuang Phonthong) and Laos-Vietnam border sank and were blocked by landslides.

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Two villages – Pounglat and Katangsaleuang – in rural areas of Phonxay district have been isolated from traffic as sections of the access road were eroded by flood waters. The Public Works and Transport Office of Phonxay district are working with local people to build an emergency road for the affected communities. 

Landslides were also reported in sections of the road stretching between Nan district of Luang Prabang and Kasy district of Vientiane Province.

Road users wishing to travel on the road are advised to check travel information before making a journey.