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Local Authorities Provide Urgent Aid to Flood Victims

Source: Vientiane Times

Hundreds of villages across several provinces in central and southern Laos are struggling to cope with floods after days of heavy rain.

A large number of farms are under water and thousands of people in the flooded areas are now in need of food and drinking water. Some provinces which have been hit the hardest, including Borikhamxay, Khammuan, and Savannakhet, now need boats.

Local authorities and other partners are working hard to meet the most urgent needs of the flood victims and have deployed a team to support immediate relief efforts.

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Recently, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare delivered relief materials to provincial labour and social welfare agencies across the country so that they are ready to resolve emergencies in the event of any disaster in the provinces, and it is also sending emergency assistance to the provinces affected by flooding.

At the same time, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare will continue coordinating with flood-affected provinces to help the affected people return to a normal life as soon as possible.

On Sunday, the Ministry and the National Disaster Prevention and Control Committee, working in coordination with development partners, delivered consumer goods worth 573,927,000 kip to help people affected by floods in Borikhamxay, Khammuan, and Savannakhet provinces. This effort was supported by forces and transport vehicles from the Ministry of National Defence.

Khammuan province was provided 10 tonnes of rice, 20 household appliances, 10 sanitary appliances and 30 tires with a total value of 173,740,000 kip. Savannakhet province received 15 tonnes of rice, 30 packs of household appliances, 10 packs of hygiene products, 50 pieces of cloth, and 50 pieces of rubber with a total value of 258,995,000 kip.

Borikhamxay province received eight tonnes of rice, 10 pieces of household appliances, nine pieces of sanitary ware, 20 pieces of paper towels and 30 pieces of rubber worth 141,192,000 kip.

A senior official from the Social Welfare Department under the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare told Vientiane Times that authorities are now preparing to donate more food and drinking water to flood victims.

They are also trying to arrange for boats for the flooded provinces since this is the only viable form of transport in some places.

Local authorities plan to mobilize funds from the public to help flood-affected people. Anyone who can offer help can contact the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare.

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources issued a notification on Friday advising citizens across Laos to monitor the weather and prepare for flash floods and landslides this week.

The Ministry said that during the period from August 4 to August 8, there will be increased precipitation in the northern, central and southern regions of Laos.

The level of water in Nam Xan, Xe Bang Fai River, and Xe Champhone will increase in the central provinces of Bolikhamxay, Khammuan, and Savannakhet.