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Lao Coffee Festival 2014

To celebrate the tremendous development of the Lao coffee sector and to further promote the unique Lao coffee to the domestic and foreign markets, Lao Coffee Association is organizing the 1st Lao Coffee Festival, from 24 – 26 October 2014 at the Arawan Riverside Hotel and Champasak Grand Hotel in Pakse.

Arabica coffee was first introduced in Laos around 1920 under the French rule on the Bolaven Plateau covering 3 districts: Paksong, Lao ngarm and Tha taeng. After the World War II, Robusta was introduced and progressively developed.

In the 1990s, and up-land development project introduced the plantation of a new Arabica variety. From then, the coffee plantation areas cover around 80,000 hectares countrywide. Today the total production is around 30,000 tons (2013-2014).

This total volume of production is exported worldwide and is a meaningful contribution to the Socio-Economic Development of Laos. The value amounts around 79 million US Dollars.

The Lao Coffee Festival will include various activities like exhibition of Lao coffee products, seminars on topics on production background of Lao coffee, present state of the world coffee trade, trends in prices, production and consumption as well as on opportunity and challenges for the coffee business.

Of course there will be coffee tasting experience accessible to all visitors attending the festival and field trips to the birth place of Lao coffee, the Bolavens Plateau, and the main production sites.

For more information please visit the Festival’s official website: