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Lao Red Cross Appeals for More Blood Donors 

Source: Vientiane Times

The Lao Red Cross (LRC) is calling on members of the public to donate more blood so the agency can reach its goal to have 73,000 bags of blood in stock, a target endorsed by the National Assembly.

The Red Cross’s National Blood Transfusion Centre says donations in the first six months of this year provided 49 percent of the target set for that period. To reach the full blood donation target in the second six months of the year, more people are required to give blood, which is urgently needed by hospitals around the country.

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The target is for Vientiane to amass 30,520 bags of blood and the provinces to collect 42,480 bags.

Speaking on World Blood Donor Day recently, the President of the Lao Red Cross, Prof. Dr Phouthone Muongpak, said that to reach this target more people must come forward to give blood.

In addition, more money is needed to support the financial and technical activities of the National Blood Transfusion Centre and to pay technicians for their services.

“We continue to face challenges in promptly providing sufficient amounts of blood for patients throughout the country, and we need everyone to participate in the blood donation campaign,” he said.

Prof. Dr. Phouthone called on all organizations and people from all walks of life from the central to local levels to give blood as often as possible to help save people’s lives. He urged people who have given blood before to do so again and to take care of their health so they can continue to donate blood for many years to come.

In addition, he encouraged people who have never given blood to come forward and do their bit to help hospital patients, including accident victims.
He also urged media outlets to publicize the importance of blood donation, including writing articles about long-time blood donors. 

Prof. Dr. Phouthone also advised government and private organizations of all kinds to encourage their staff to donate blood regularly.
To encourage blood donors, he suggested that medical staff at all levels provide a welcoming environment for blood donors, are courteous and friendly, and give donors a warm reception.

Meanwhile, doctors and nurses should be fully acquainted with the need for an adequate blood supply and the ways in which it is used across the profession. Medical staff should also donate blood to set an example to members of the public, he said.