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PM Calls for Joint Efforts to Combat Drugs

Source: Vientiane Times

Prime Minister Sonexay Siphandone has called for the continued participation of all sectors to combat drug trafficking.

Mr. Sonexay made the call in a message marking the 36th anniversary of the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, which is observed on June 26.

He said drugs are a major global problem that all countries give importance to, and they pay attention to cooperating against, preventing, controlling, and solving this problem. Currently, Laos too faces a threat from drugs and the problem has spread everywhere, including cities, rural regions, and remote areas, at different levels.

The drug problem has become one of the social problems, and the drug epidemic has become a main cause of violence, crimes, and other social problems, he said.

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This poses a danger and a high risk to national security and has a direct impact on socio-economic development, the health of the people, and the Lao citizens, especially youngsters who are the labor force of the nation and inherit the mission and future of the country, he added.

Currently, the drug trade has become a transnational process that the government, the people of Laos, and nations around the world strongly oppose. Although many countries have increased measures and efforts to control, suppress and solve this problem continuously, the production, trade, distribution, use, and transportation of drugs across the world has not decreased and there is a worrying trend of these aspects increasing.

Because of the danger and the urgent need to solve the drug problem, the Party and Government have led and directed the implementation of this work, especially the implementation of the National Agenda on solving the drug problem (2021-2023), the Prime Minister said.

Up to now, all related sectors have focused intensively on six tasks in the national agenda, especially the task of creating awareness in society through education, publicizing the laws and regulations, and telling people about the harmful effects of drugs and the contents of the national agenda for solving the drug problem, he said. This has been done through media vehicles, putting up slogans and signs, widely distributing brochures and posters that show the harmful effects of drugs, and continuously creating awareness among civil servants, students, youngsters, and people of all ethnic groups, he said.

Therefore, it can be seen that the majority of Lao citizens are aware and correctly understand about the dangers posed by drugs and harm done by them.
At the same time, steps have been taken to strengthen the entire society by getting family institutions and communities to participate in programmes to prevent and solve the drug problem. Family institutions, villages, communities, and the public and private sectors have participated in implementing the national agenda to solve the problem of drugs, and all related entities are paying close attention to the problem at the grassroots, with leadership and guidance in many systematic ways, guaranteeing politics, law, and related disciplines.

On the occasion of the 36th anniversary of International Anti-Drug Day, on behalf of the Party and government, the Lao Premier expressed his sincere appreciation to all sectors, as well as the parents of the Lao people and ethnic groups throughout the country, who have cooperated and contributed to the implementation of the national agenda to solve the drug problem (2021-2023).