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Police Crackdown on Sale of E-cigarettes

Source: Vientiane Times

Police working in the Department of Narcotics Control and Suppression in Oudomxay province are cracking down on the sale and distribution of drugs as well as electronic cigarettes, which are also banned.

Provincial police are carrying out an active campaign, focused on Xay district, to curb the sale of electronic cigarettes, which is known to be commonplace in Navannoy, Thin and Nasao villages.

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Police say vendors are selling prohibited items, such as electronic cigarettes, at premises masquerading as grocery stores selling sweets and drinks.

It is recognised that the proliferation of all forms of drugs and electronic cigarettes is having a damaging effect on Lao youth, who are the future of the nation and its potential leaders, and is a disturbing trend among both adults and the younger generation. In response, the Oudomxay provincial Police Command has appointed a special taskforce to tackle the problem, enforce strict measures, and coordinate with various sectors of government to put an end to these harmful and illicit activities.

As part of the crackdown, police carried out a raid on targeted premises in the three villages. Their search netted Ms Soutchai, 30, in Thin village, who was found with 110 electronic cigarettes and related paraphernalia in her possession.

Authorities are stepping up their investigations into the sale of prohibited items, hoping to make arrests, identify the groups involved, and bring them to trial.