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Laos Approves Citizenship Change for Nearly 4,800 Foreigners

Source: The Sun

Some 4,761 foreigners living in Laos were given citizenship change certificates by the Ministry of Home Affairs last year.

The figures were reported at a technical meeting of the ministry on Tuesday (Feb 13), chaired by the Minister of Home Affairs, Thongchanh Manixay (pic). The new figures, which also included information relating to the relocation of 12,712 Lao citizens, were entered into the Ministry’s database.

The meeting also reported that 5,936 birth and death certificates were issued and the updated information was forwarded to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Sports.

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Statistics collected in 2023 indicated that the population of Laos stood at 7,257,020. Certificates of various kinds were issued to 62,057 people, marriage certificates were issued to 11,274 couples, and divorce certificates were issued to 2,885 couples.

In addition, 5,160 people changed their name last year and 7,979 people changed their surname.

The Ministry of Home Affairs also updated and approved 307 positions in the Ministry, surpassing the target figure of 70 positions.

The Ministry is responsible for the macro-management of governance, state administration, civil servant management, Lao social organization management, surveying and mapping work, documentation, ethnic and religious work, citizen management, competition, and commendation work, and ensuring that academic institutions comply with their financial and tax responsibilities.