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Laos Aims to Improve Standards in the Health Sector

Source: The Star

Health officials across Laos are being encouraged to improve the standard of health services by modernizing the administration and management of the sector.

Lao Deputy Prime Minister Kikeo Khaykhamphithoune reiterated the advice when addressing an annual meeting in northern Laos’ Huaphan province last Friday (Feb 16) to review the progress of the health sector in 2023-2024 and discuss plans for the year ahead, according to Laopattana report on Monday.

Kikeo called for officials to improve the work of the public health sector to achieve expected goals. This should be done by ensuring sufficient medical equipment is installed in health facilities, along with improved standards among nursing staff.

In 2023, Laos achieved its targets to reduce the high mortality rate of infants and mothers, while strides were made in improving the quality of food served in public places and the standard of medical products.

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Kikeo said hospital staff and health officials were following the government’s policy that required medical facilities to fulfill five criteria relating to service excellence and ensure patient satisfaction.

Also addressing the meeting, Health Minister Bounfeng Phoummalaysith spoke of the need to strengthen management in local systems and build the capacity of medical staff, especially village physicians, midwives, and specialists.

The Laotian health ministry has initiated several projects aimed at providing better quality health services for mothers and children, providing health funding to the poor, and improving the standard of medical personnel, the minister said.

The annual meeting serves to strengthen health sector management in local system, enhance the training of medical personnel, and upgrade health facilities, according to the report.