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Luang Prabang Bee Larvae: Viral Snack Sparks Debate

Source: Food NDTV

People and their food preferences vary from place to place. While some strictly adhere to a vegetarian diet, others enjoy incorporating animal protein into their meal. Then, some are willing to try unconventional foods such as worms and snakes. A recent addition garnering attention on Instagram showcases a street snack from Laos made with honey bee larvae. Yes, you read that correctly. A food blogger shared her experience while demonstrating the preparation of the dish and her reaction after tasting it. Upon viewing the video, many individuals expressed their disgust in the comments section.

The video begins with a street food vendor slicing a piece of honey bee larvae from a thick sheet. Next, she dips it in water and rolls it in a palm leaf. Then, she places the palm tree-covered larvae on top of a grill, which is positioned with overheated coal. Finally, she serves the dish to the food blogger. Towards the end, the blogger savours the dish and expresses satisfaction with a smiling “ummm” reaction.

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“Grilled Honey Bee Larvae. It’s famous here in Laos! Have you tried this?” read the text attached to the video.

Even though the video clocked more than 12 million views, the foodie community is not happy with this dish.

A user said, “I thought it was honeycomb. But no it’s worm babies.” 

Another one added, “Don’t eat this, it’s disgusting.” 

Someone asked, “How can you eat this?” 

“Humans are not supposed to eat insects,” read a comment.

A few echoed, “People are eating anything nowadays.” 

A person said, “No wonder the bee population is declining. Isn’t there enough other kind of foods available to sustain your gluttony?”

Someone else added, “Kise ye video dekh ke ulti aa ri hai? [Who is feeling nauseous after watching the video?]

Many even called the dish, “Gross.”

Would you ever like to try this grilled honey bee larvae?