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Laos-China Cross-border Train Journey Now One Hour Shorter

Source: Vientiane Times

Starting on July 25, the Laos-China cross-border train service will be one hour shorter, a move aimed at enhancing the efficiency of cross-border train travel for passengers, according to the Laos-China Railway Co., Ltd.  

The company has made changes to the service, resulting in a one-hour reduction in travel time. This means the train traveling from Vientiane to Kunming South Station in China, which previously arrived at 19:36 local time (China time), will now arrive at 18:34.

In the reverse direction, the train traveling from Kunming South Station to Vientiane, which used to arrive in Vientiane at 17:38 local time (Lao time), will now arrive at 16:34.

The Laos-China cross-border train service was inaugurated on April 13 this year, significantly reducing travel time between Vientiane and Kunming, enabling the journey to be completed in a single day.

According to staff at the Mohan checkpoint on the Chinese border, 200 cross-border trips had been made as of Saturday, serving an impressive number of 41,735 passengers from 49 countries and regions. On the 100th day of operation, there were 12.2 percent more inbound than outbound passengers, with 22,066 arrivals, of whom 54 percent were tourists.

The Laos-China Railway has gained in popularity due to its convenience, speed, and reasonable pricing. The number of passengers has continued to rise, reaching a record high of 10,197 on March 4, as reported by the railway operator.

In January and February this year, the railway carried 417,400 passengers, indicating a remarkable increase of 256.2 percent compared to the same period last year. In addition, 647,700 tons of goods were transported during these two months, representing an impressive growth of 320 percent compared to the same period last year.

To ensure seamless services, the Laos-China Railway Company Limited is diligently monitoring passenger volume and proactively planning train journeys. The company is continuously improving travel arrangements and allowing passengers to buy tickets further in advance, thereby ensuring a smoother travel experience.
With these recent improvements and increasing popularity, the Laos-China cross-border train plays a pivotal role in enhancing transportation between the two nations, bolstering economic ties, and promoting tourism, all while providing a fast and convenient mode of travel for passengers.