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Meuang Feuang Dubbed as the “Guilin of Laos”

Source: Lao News Agency

Meuang Feuang is blessed with beautiful scenery full of natural charm and is considered to be a popular tourist destination for both foreign and domestic tourists. It is nicknamed by many tourists as “Guilin of Laos”. Guilin is considered to be the pearl of China’s thriving tourist industry on account of its natural beauty and historic treasures, according to Travel China Guide.

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Hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, and guest service facilities have been popping up along the Lik River. Raft houses can expose visitors to stunning scenery and the traditional way of life of local communities.

Meuang Feuang can be reached by taking Vientiane-Vangvieng highway. It is located just more than 70 kilometres from Vientiane and about 50 kilometres from Vangvieng, another well-known tourist attraction of Vientiane Province.

When you arrive at Meung Feuang, you can feel another world of happiness and the reason behind this is its spectacular natural landscapes.

In the evening, visitors tend to hang out on their raft houses’ balconies and capture the moment of sunset.

During the night, you will hear owls singing from nearby foothills as a water tide gently crashes the bottom part of your raft house.

Every morning, you will see local people and tourists gathering along the riverside to give alms to monks who usually come in long-tailed boats. This is a must-see.

Today, Meuang Feuang is gaining popularity among domestic and foreign tourists, especially those from the United States, Europe and Thailand.

Local authorities have been attaching attention to the zoning and managing tourist attractions in the district to make sure the district can attract more and more domestic and foreign tourists so that local people can have better access to employment and income generation, according to the Information, Culture and Tourism Office in Feuang District.

“Meuang Feuang has many popular natural, historical and cultural tourist attractions, including Had Pha Tung, Had Don, Nam Sam Kon, and historical sites and temples,” said Ms. Somkhid Chitdavong, Head of the Information, Culture and Tourism Office of Feuang District. 

Since the reopening of the country to foreign visitors at the beginning of 2022, more than 200,000 tourists have visited Feuang District.