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Nation Mourns As Former President’s Wife And Son Among Victims Of Boating Tragedy

Source: Vientiane Times

The nation is mourning the tragic loss of several members of former President Choummaly Sayasone’s family when a pleasure boat capsized on Sunday, resulting in the death of the former president’s wife and son, according to an official statement.

The boat, carrying 39 people, capsized after being hit by a squall during a trip on Nam Ngum Lake – a popular tourist spot in Vientiane province. Eight people died most of whom were family members of the former president. The retired president, who was also former Secretary General of the Party Central Committee, was rescued and is currently in hospital.

Mr Vidong Sayasone, a former member of the Party Central Committee’s 10th tenure, former Party Secretary and Governor of Vientiane province and former Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office and son of former President Choummaly was among those who died.

The former president’s wife, Mrs Keosaichay Sayasone, also lost her life in the accident. On Monday, the Party Central Committee, the government, the Prime Minister’s Office, the Administrative Office of the Party Central Committee, the committee arranging the funerals and the Sayasone family issued a statement announcing the deaths.

The bodies have been placed at the Ministry of National Defence’s club for ritual ceremonies and a four day period of mourning will take place until April 8.

The funerals will be conducted on April 8 at 13:00 pm at Thepnimit Temple (That Foun Temple).