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Spike In Fatal High Speed Crashes: Vientiane

Vientiane traffic police reported more than 30 road accidents in Vientiane last week, including six fatalities. Among the latest accidents involves a sport car which crashed into an electricity pole and tree at the Setthathirath Road in Xiengngeun village, Vientiane in the early morning of April 27.

The 21-year old driver sustained critical wounds and later died in hospital. The passenger also sustained critical injuries.

According to an article in Vientiane Times, police attributed the accident to speeding.

This is only the latest incident involving luxury vehicles causing accidents due to high speed. Another fatal accident occurred recently on the road from Phontong to Dongdok. The rider of a large motorbike was killed instantly when he collided with the pole of a road sign in Phontong village, Chanthabouly district, Vientiane.

Spike In Fatal High Speed Crashes -Vientiane

Here the Khuamsangob Newspaper reported the 22-year old was driving fast and lost control of the bike before colliding with the pole. Police attributed the accident to high speed and the driver losing control, combined with the driver not wearing a helmet.

With more youngster purchasing fast and powerful cars & motorbikes combined with the lack of proper driving schools as well as the necessary infrastructure it seems unavoidable that more such fatal accidents will occur.

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