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How To Register A Business: Laos Goes Online To Ease Start-Up Process

The steps needed to register a new business have now been posted online to ease business start-up, which will save time and simplify the process.

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Some 700 Malaysians Trapped In Laos After Answering Casino Job Ads

Some 700 Malaysians are reportedly being held captive in Bokeo province, Laos and have been abused by the resort managers who are allegedly demanding a large ransom for their release

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Tackle Inappropriate Land Occupation, Lack Of Compensation: Lao Front

The Lao Front for National Development has told the National Assembly (NA) to push the government to address inappropriate occupation of land and the lack of compensation given to people affected by development projects.

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World Bank To Support Land Administration, Titling In Lao PDR

Land holders across Lao PDR, including some of the most vulnerable households, are expected to benefit from improved land administration and titling thanks to a project approved by the World Bank this week.

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Stakeholders Discuss Establishment Of Consumer Protection Association

Stakeholders from the public and private sectors as well as civil society met in Vientiane to discuss and exchange views on the establishment of a consumer protection association.

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Foreigners Permitted To Purchase Limited Ownership Of Land-Use Rights – Amended Lao Land Law

Today sees the entry into force of the new Law on Land No. 70/NA dated 21 June 2019 (the “2019 Land Law”), which among other things, includes new provisions concerning the limited ownership of land-use rights by foreigners under certain circumstances, and the limited ownership of individual units in a condominium or apartment building.

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Ministry To Increase CCTV Camera Coverage In City

The Ministry of Public Security will increase the coverage of Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras in the capital, with an aim to improve surveillance, monitor crimes better, and help police deal with anti-social elements.

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Private Sector Hopes For Easier Business Operation Through Int’l Evaluation

The private sector in Laos is optimistic that trade and investment will be made easier by the public sector following the application of international evaluation standards.

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Laos ‘Disciplines’ Hundreds of Corrupt Officials in Recent Months, Jails Few

The Lao government has disciplined more than 200 officials involved in taking bribes or embezzlement in recent months as part of a bid to crackdown on rampant corruption in the Southeast Asian nation, but few have been held criminally accountable for their actions.

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New Laos IP Law Is A Significant Step Forward For Domestic And International Brands

A new IP law will come into force in the Southeast Asian nation of Laos this weekend, introducing trademark opposition procedures to the country for the first time. The new law also stipulates the creation of a new digital platform for brand rights and expands the range of images eligible for trademark protection in the jurisdiction, among other things.

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Rule Of Law Key To Strengthening Laos’ Competitiveness

Laos has to strengthen the rule of law if it wants to become a competitive investment destination, according to a report from the World Bank.
“The country (Laos) faces issues that include weak regulatory effectiveness, control of corruption and rule of law,” the 2018-Doing Business in the Lao PDR report highlighted in its key findings.

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How To Protect Your Intellectual Property In Laos

As Lao PDR’s economy grows and more companies begin conducting commercial activities here it will become increasingly important for businesses to protect and maintain their competitiveness in the market. A company’s failure to effectively protect its IP or to restrict infringement of its IP can lead to the loss of market share, revenue, reputation, opportunity and competitive advantage.

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Utilise Local Tour Guides Or Face Penalties, Foreign Tour Operators Warned

Lao authorities have warned foreign tour operators to utilise local tour guides otherwise they will be fined.
The authorities also warned foreign tour operators to partner with local counterparts in arranging package tour programmes in Laos; if not they will face measures.

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Police Must Work Harder To Tackle Thefts And Burglaries In Vientiane

The people of the capital of Laos are, by and large, peaceful and law-abiding but as with all other cities around the world, they too face the problem of crimes such as thefts and burglaries.
Of late, the people of Vientiane have been troubled by several instances of car thefts and break-ins and it should be the mission of police officials to investigate these crimes and punish the wrong-doers under the laws of the country.

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Laos Faces US&EU Trade Suspensions Over Wildlife Trade

At SC69, Laos’ non-compliance was the subject of a working group in which EIA and other NGOs participated. The U.S. called for Laos to face full trade suspensions now, while the EU favored a warning and a time-bound process for specific remedial action to ensure Laos sets up proper CITES authorities and takes action to stop trade in parts and products of tigers (including farmed tigers), elephants, rhinos, pangolins and other wildlife.

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Telephone Number Registry Checks Planned

A planned review of all mobile telephone numbers registered for use via the nation’s mobile SIM cards is to be led by the Ministry of Post and Communications aiming to ensure records are up to date.

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The Lao-Singapore Tax Treaty/DTA is Now Effective

In case you missed it, Singapore’s reputation as an attractive holding company location for investments into Lao PDR recently went up a notch: after being signed way back in February 2014, the long-awaited tax treaty/double taxation agreement between Lao PDR and Singapore (the “DTA”) became effective on 1 January 2017.

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How Laos’ Black Market Undermines China’s Ivory Ban

As tour buses pull up in front of San Jiang Market, not far from Wattay International Airport, a guide beckons to a group of Chinese tourists. They soon disappear into the jungle of shops bearing signs in Chinese characters, many of which sell “local specialties,” or any illicit wildlife product imaginable.

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Arbitration in Laos

The choice of arbitration as a dispute resolution mechanism has risen in popularity as a time and cost-effective option to resolve commercial disputes. By including an arbitration clause in contractual arrangements, contracting parties may agree in advance on the seat and rules of arbitration, the size of the arbitration panel and even the rules to ….

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Why It’s Time To Comply: Internal Regulations For Workplaces In Laos

The Labour Law (2013) came into effect on 28 October 2014, repealing and replacing the previous Labour Law (2006) and introducing a number of significant changes relating to the basic rules of employment in Lao PDR. As the Labour Law is now well into its third year in force, we consider one of its more significant yet often overlooked legal requirements for employers in Lao PDR – internal regulations or “work rules” of the workplace for employees.

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Vientiane Authorities To Clamp Down On Advertising Hoardings

Vientiane authorities are taking a close look at advertisements written in foreign languages in the capital in a bid to enforce the regulations on such signs.
Many advertisements are written in foreign languages in the capital, especially in Sikhottabong, Xaysettha and Chanthabouly districts.
The department is planning to inspect all hoardings written in foreign languages to determine whether …..

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Lao Leaders Return Their Luxury Cars

Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith on Tuesday handed in his BMW 7 Series, following up on a promise made by the country’s leaders that they will no longer drive expensive luxury vehicles in an attempt to exercise frugality.
President Bounnhang Vorachit, who is Secretary General of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party, was also expected to give back his BMW 7 Series yesterday, an official at the ….

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Lao Prime Minister Moves To Stop Land-for-Capital Deals

Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith says he wants to end the Lao government’s policy of bartering land for development, in a reversal of a long-term practice that has seen large swaths of the country go to foreign-backed investors.
“The business sector should not convince the governmental sector to create debts for the nation,” Thongloun told the Lao version of the chamber of commerce earlier this month. “In recent years, many big development projects, including ….

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Lao Amended Investment Law Shortens Concession Period

Amendments to the Investment Promotion Law has shortened investment concession periods to ensure closer scrutiny of investors’ operations, Lao state-run daily Vientiane Times reported on Monday.
A draft amendment to the law, which was passed by Lao National Assembly (NA) last week, shortens the investment concession period from 99 years to 50 years, a change that was widely welcomed by NA members during ….

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Unlawful Financial Institutions Warned of Legal Action

Illegal financial institutions that have sourced funds by offering abnormally high interest rates will face legal measures, the governor of the central bank has warned.
Governor of the Bank of the Lao PDR, Dr Somphao Phaysith, told the ongoing ordinary session of the National Assembly (NA) that 24 institutions have been found acquiring deposits illegally. He said the bank has issued a notice instructing these institutions to …..

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Tax Rates Set To Increase Next Year: Ministry

The Taxation Department of the Ministry of Finance is aiming to introduce new land and road tax rates to boost government revenue for next fiscal year.
According to the Taxation Department’s report for the first seven months of the 2015-2016 fiscal year they were yet to determine what the percentage increase would be for the numerous categories of land and road tax.
At present tax is collected for land and vehicles at many different rates depending …..

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President Demands Harsh Penalties For Lack Of Discipline

Party Chief and President Bounnhang Vorachit has instructed the top anti-corruption body to appropriately punish those officials found violating the regulations in a bid to stamp out malpractice and lax discipline.
The president also endorsed the creation of measures that would enable members of the public to participate in inspection work …..

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Officials Express Concern About Illegal Marriages

People of 47 different nationalities are married to Lao citizens, with most foreign partners coming from the three nations of Thailand, the Republic of Korea and China, according to figures from the Protection Police and Lao-Anti Trafficking Department.
Some 1,600 marriages involving Lao citizens and foreigners were recorded from 2012-2015. In 75 cases, foreign women …..

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BOL Teams Up With Police To Combat Money Laundering

The government is taking a tough stance on financial transparency as well as crime prevention, especially in the area of money laundering, to help encourage foreign direct investment in Laos.
As part of government’s efforts to bring the country’s financial standards in line with international systems, the Bank of the Lao PDR (BOL)’s Anti-Money Laundering Intelligence Unit yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the ….

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South Korea Next To Issue Travel Warning For Parts Of Laos

South Korea followed the US and Australia in issuing a travel warning against trips to Laos’ central province of Xaisomboun, as well as traveling on Route 13 that stretches from Kasi to Phou Khoun, part of the road connection between Vientiane and Luang Prabang.
The warning followed a number of recent shootings that involved and killed Chinese nationals working in Laos and already prompted the Laos government to ……

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Vientiane Rescue: The Deadly Streets Of Laos

In the blinding glare of headlights, the traffic keeps coming. Motorbikes swerve dangerously, cars drive down the wrong side of the road – it’s Friday night in Vientiane, the busiest night of the week on the Laotian capital’s roads.
With the country’s economy booming, more people in Laos can afford motorbikes and cars than ever before – and they drive ….

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Police Break Up Gang Of Weapons Dealers

Vientiane police are pursuing their investigations into a network of people allegedly selling weapons in Laos.
Officials will step up efforts to track down other suspects involved in weapons dealing and would seek to obtain more information from those already in police custody.
Police held the press conference to inform the public that they had broken up a gang of weapons dealers and had impounded a number of items they were …..

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Vientiane Motorists Face Ten-Fold Fines On Roadside Parking

Motorists in Vientiane will face ten-fold fines from now on if they violate a new city ban on the use of pavements, sidewalks or roadsides where parking is prohibited.
In a warning for motorists, this includes all roads where the kerb and channeling is painted red and white, so members of the public will need to think more carefully about where they park their cars.
The new city ban comes into effect this …..

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Amended Constitution Creates Provincial Assemblies, Gives President Two Terms

The newly-amended constitution passed recently by the National Assembly (NA) has allowed the establishment of provincial assemblies (PAs) for the first time, which are set to function in an NA-like role as local parliaments.
The constitution also stipulates, for the first time, that the president can hold office for not more than …..

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New VAT Invoices Distributed To Boost Revenue Collection

Many people in Vientiane have begun to request the newly made Value Added Tax (VAT) invoices after learning the receipts may contain prizes, with tax officials hoping that the new incentives will boost revenue collection.
“I’d like a VAT invoice because I may win a prize,” said a customer at a small barber shop in Phontong village, Chanthabouly district, Vientiane last weekend. “If this invoice really contains prizes, it is better than……

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Lao Labour Law Interpretation Needed

The calculation of severance pay, the use of foreign labour, and many other matters stipulated in the newly amended Law on Labour needed explanation to ensure the law was effectively enforced.
These issues were discussed on Friday in Vientiane between employers, government officials, and international experts to test the Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI) labour code guides and training material.
The calculation of severance pay that is fixed to 10 percent of previous ……

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