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Reminder: Pay Road Tax 2018 Latest By End Of June

The deadline for 2018 road tax payments is June 30 this year. However, for those who have already failed to pay their 2017 tax this year’s deadline was set at March 31.

The finance ministry announced that vehicle owners who failed to pay last year’s road tax are required to pay both the 2017 and 2018 fees.

The finance ministry warned that those failing to pay by the deadline would be fined 40 percent of their obligated road tax rates (Authorities Call For Vehicle Owners To Pay Road Tax 2018).

The payment of the road taxes can be done electronically through BCEL Bank with various options including mobile applications and ATMs.

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The BCEL Bank system has been utilised effectively and transparently in gathering the road fees with all the money paid by vehicle owners being directly transferred to the national budget.

The Presidential Decree on Road Tax determined the new annual fees.

2018 Road Tax Fees

2-3 Wheeled Motorbikes

Engine Type Fee
<110cc 15,000 KIP
111cc-150cc 20,000 KIP
151cc-200cc 30,000 KIP
>200cc 100,000 KIP


Privately owned Sedans, SUVs, Vans and Pickups


Engine Type Fee
<1000cc 100.000 KIP
1001cc-1600cc 150.000 KIP
1601cc-2000cc 200.000 KIP
2001cc-2500cc 250.000 KIP
2501cc-3000cc 300.000 KIP
30001cc-4000cc 350.000 KIP
4001cc-5000cc 400.000 KIP
>5001cc 500.000 KIP