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Road Tax 2018 …. updated

Motorists in Laos will need to pay more than double the usual road tax this year depending on the size of their engine and vehicle type.

The new Presidential Decree on Road Fees was signed by President Bounnhang Vorachit on September 20.

For motorbikes the road tax is charged as following:
less 110 cc= 15,000 kip
111-150 cc = 20,000 k
151-200 cc= 30,000 kip
more than 200cc = 100,000

The road tax for private cars will be:

less 1,000 cc =100,000 kip
1,001-1,600cc = 150,000 k
1601-2000= 200,000 k
2001-2500=250,000 k
2501-3000 = 300,000 k
4001-5000= 400,000
more than 5001 =500,000

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Vehicles exempted from road tax include those serving state bodies, associations and foundations that are used for public services approved by related organisations such as rescue vehicles, ambulances, fire engines, radio and TV broadcast vehicles, and vehicles that serve disabled centres. Vehicles used for national peace and defence tasks are also exempt.

While the announcement doesn’t specify the availability of the Road Tax stickers, officials at the tax department told J&C Services that the Road Tax 2018 stickers will be available by the end of this year or latest in January 2018. As in previous years the sticker will be sold at the District Admin offices. For 2017 there won’t be any road tax collected.

However according to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Mr Somdy Duangdy, talking to Vientiane Times yesterday, he would discuss the new decree with Tax Department officials, with implementation to be in October at the latest. Mr Somdy said the Ministry of Finance planned to effectively implement the collection of road taxes by allowing motorists to pay at banks. However, the ministry will coordinate with traffic police to ensure the well-organised implementation of the presidential decree.

Does that mean that there will be two road tax collection, one in October for 2017 and another one in December / January for 2018 ? We shall wait for further clarification.