The History of Kham Thong Luang

While traveling throughout Laos in search of historical artefacts in 2006, researchers made an unusual discovery. In a small town in remote, southern Salavan Province, they came across an old palm-leaf manuscript composed entirely in verse.

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Crime Novelist Cotterill Is Still A Mystery In Vientiane

The adventures of coroner-sleuth Dr Siri have attracted an army of readers in the West, but he remains a stranger back home
Colin Cotterill is without doubt the best-known author of murder mysteries set in Laos, a communist country where crimes are rarely even reported in the state-run press.
In fact, Cotterill, 61, may well be the only author of murder mysteries with Laos as their setting. The protagonist of the British author’s award-winning series is Dr Siri Paiboun, fictionally appointed the first and only coroner in Vientiane in …..

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