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Berliner Bär Restaurant: Pork Knuckle, Sauerkraut and Paulaner Beer

With Germany winning the first 2 group matches of Euro 2012, I was quite ecstatic and impressed with anything German. Hence, this led to my craving for anything of German nature which subsequently led me to the Berliner Bär Pub for one of my dinners.
We decided to have a go at the Berlin curry wurst with potato salad and pork knuckle with French fries and sauerkraut. While awaiting our dinner we decided to also quench our thirst with German beer.
I did notice that the walls hardly displayed anything German unlike typical restaurants. Neither was there any German music or other paraphernalia. However, after a few sips of fine Paulaner beer they hardly made any difference as I was here to relish the triumph of Germany.
After both our dishes arrived I immediately tucked into the …..

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