Love Life Ice Cream

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Love Life Café: Home-Made Ice Cream, Cookies, Shakes, Paninis & Salads

There’s a charming little oasis in Vientiane that many of us visit to escape the doldrums of life…our little heaven of sorts where we get to learn to love life all over again. Tucked away at the end of Dongpalane, Love Life Ice Cream (or LLIC, as I conveniently call it) is the brainchild of cookie school teacher Fleur Varenne, a French-British transplant in Laos.
If you haven’t been to LLIC, get ready for a surprise. The ambience is bright, cheerful and ….

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Love Life Ice Cream – Soft Opening

Love Life Ice Cream is having its Soft Opening and I decided to give it a try …. and I certainly wasn’t disappointed! I went for a Vanilla & Chocolate ice cream in a big cone and enjoyed it until the last bite !

Love Life offers home-made ice cream, shakes and cookies. They are still testing and trying out new recipes and it seems that they really value the client’s feedback. Ice cream in a big cone is 12,000 kip, ice cream shakes (hard to find elsewhere in Vientiane) are 19,000-22,000 kip and fruit shakes are going for 12,000 kip.

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