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Traffic Police Gear Up For New School Year

Source: Vientiane Times

The Vientiane Traffic Police Department has rostered 600 police for security detail around the capital in a bid to reduce traffic congestion and accidents during the coming academic year, which begins on September 3.

The number of vehicles on the streets is rising every year and police are hoping to reduce congestion in the rush hour, especially as it is expected the number of vehicles will double when the new school year begins.

According to the Vientiane Public Works and Transport Department, at the end of last year the number of registered vehicles in the capital had risen to 814,470. This figure includes 564,882 motorcycles, 163,249 light vehicles, and 32,063 trucks.

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A senior official at the Vientiane Traffic Police Department, Ministry of Public Security, Lieutenant Colonel Phengsavanh Thammaboun, said that this year 600 police will be stationed at locations in the city when the school year begins.

They will direct traffic in the rush hour, especially around schools, to keep vehicles moving.

The department will also work with the Commando Security Team from Vientiane Police Headquarters to crack down on groups of young street racers who endanger other road users and disturb local residents by recklessly speeding on motorbikes through the streets at night.

Lieutenant Colonel Phengsavanh urged the street racers to end their disruptive behaviour and said police were preparing to put a stop to their antics.

This kind of anti-social behaviour is a public nuisance and a blight on the reputation of Lao youth. Most of those who indulge in this sport are youngsters aged 14-20, according to police.

The Vientiane Traffic Police Department urges road users to comply with the traffic regulations at all times, in order to keep vehicles moving and to reduce the number of accidents. This year police intend to strictly enforce the law with regard to irresponsible road users. Violators, especially drunk drivers, will be penalised.