Vientiane New World Offers Retail Units For Purchase

CAMCE Investment (Lao) Co., Ltd. is now offering retail units for purchase at Vientiane New World Plaza, with construction of the development well under way.

The plaza containing 100 shop lots and one shopping mall is located in the Lao capital, Vientiane, which is the country’s political, economic and socio-cultural centre.

Sale prices of the retail units start at 20 million kip per metre. If a purchaser deposits more than 8 million kip to 160 million kip (US$1,000 to US$20,000) to reserve a unit before November, they will get a discount equal to the same amount at the actual time of purchase, according to CAMCE Investment.

Vientiane New World Plaza will bring new changes to urban development in Vientiane. The facility will enable people to enjoy greater convenience in doing business and shopping.

Well known global brands of products are expected to be on sale in the shopping mall, which will also be a significant tourist draw.

The 100 stores range from 140-400 square metres. The 5-storey shopping mall have a car park in the basement, while the ground floor is a supermarket. Every floor houses something of interest for customers, with easy access.

Lao and foreign purchasers can make reservations before the official launch of sales in November, and are advised to do so as the price is set to rise after that.

The plaza is located along Mekong riverbank on Fa Ngum Road, which is one of Vientiane’s top locations. The property offers multifaceted attractions, and can provide customers with a wide range of facilities, including a parking lot for 1,500 vehicles.

CAMCE Investment has a property right of 90 years as agreed with the government, and purchasers of retail units will enjoy a similar right.

Both Lao and foreign investors should seize this opportunity to boost sales and expand their market share in Laos.

This new facility will be a window to open Laos to the world, and will certainly create a strong trade climate in Vientiane as well as the country as a whole.

Construction of the plaza as an international centre in Vientiane and an i nternational living area complies with international standards. The project involves travel, business, leisure, work and living facilities, giving Lao citizens and foreigners living in Laos more entertainment choices and a more colourful and varied urban l ifestyle, according to the website of the company.

Vientiane New World covers a land area of 42 hectares and a construction area of 500,000 square metres, on a riverbank site of 1.6 kilometres. It comprises the Vientiane New World Shopping Plaza, a business centre and a residence centre. It consists of a pedestrian zone, shopping mall, enterprise headquarters, modern office building, hotels, serviced apartments and garden apartments. 50 ASEM Villas, the first phase of the Vientiane New World project, were the official mansions for 48 heads of state attending the 9th ASEM Summit.

CAMCE Investment (Lao) Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of a strong Chinese developer known as China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd., which is one of the Top 500 Global Enterprises.

Source: Vientiane Times