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Why Gordon Ramsay’s Favorite Food Destination In The World Is Laos

Source: Microsoft Start

While visiting Seoul in 2023, food icon Gordon Ramsay spoke to Korean YouTuber Cho Seung-yeon about his food preferences and experiences exploring global cuisine. When asked about some of the locations with the best food in the world, Ramsay was quick to describe a trip to Laos’ countryside. “The food was just off the charts,” he gushed to Cho. Ramsay explained that traveling around the world to sample different kinds of foods challenges his palate, but Laos particularly sticks out in his mind.

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Ramsay added that Vietnam was another food lover’s paradise where he fell in love with the cuisine. “Such a humble approach to eating incredible food,” he explained, before adding Madrid to his list of great food in unique destinations. In the interview with Cho, Ramsay encourages flavor-seeking travelers to get off the beaten paths and explore locations that aren’t typically listed in the usual tourist guidebooks. For a chef who has bagged numerous awards and has made a significant mark in the culinary industry, Ramsay’s suggestions are taken with heed.

Travelers visiting Laos will find themselves faced with salads made with papaya fruit and fresh greens, ample servings of sticky rice, and plenty of dishes packed with herbs and spices. Lovers of grilled fish and flavorful meats will be in heaven, and fans of all things chilies will be pleased to sample some of Laos’ more well-known recipes like jaew bong, a flavorful dip made of hot peppers; and khao poon, a brothy soup packed with curry, pork or fish, and an assortment of vegetables.

Photo Credit: Dave Pullig