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Xayoh Grill House Has True Grit

Vegetarians beware: Xayoh Grill House is truly a meat-lover’s paradise! This restaurant has just been refurbished and rebranded as a Grill House rather than a cafe, and boy has my mouth been watering just thinking about it!  There are times when us expats really just crave a big hunk of meat to sink our teeth into, and thankfully Xayoh Grill provides just that.

This top-tier steakhouse has been almost too elegantly designed, but the inclusion of booths allow for comfort and also help to lend the ‘roadhouse’ atmosphere necessary for a good grill restaurant.  Looking through the menu (whilst sipping an ice-cold draft Beerlao), I was extremely pleased to see that every item contained at least some form of meat, from hearty steak to succulent sausages or crispy chicken pieces.  For the overly curious, you can even observe your meal being grilled through the large glass kitchen window.

Xayoh Grill House Has True Grit

I tried a mixed entree which included pate, salad, asparagus wrapped in bacon and a form of bruschetta.  Whilst this was a good starter, what I really came for was the steak.  The menu boasts a wide variety of beef cuts from all over the world, and these range from the ordinary to the epic (at 500,000 kip). The servings are large enough to meet the biggest of appetites, and the steak, grilled to perfection by the specially trained chef, retains a smoky, country flavour that satisfies even the roughest of tastes.

If you’re out for just a drink, try taking advantage of Xayoh’s stylish blue-lit outdoor bar and watch Vientiane by night.  If you’re after a hearty meal of smoky steak, Xayoh Grill House won’t be beaten.  To get there, follow Samensenthai Rd until you reach the National Cultural Hall. Xayoh Grill House is just across the road.  Call +856 21 261777.

9 thoughts on “Xayoh Grill House Has True Grit

  • Finally, I ate a giiiiiiiant steak in Lao! kop tjai Xayoh 🙂

  • hey, our phone number is 021 261777.

    see you there!

  • My husband and I loved Xayoh! Not only was the atmosphere beautiful, but the food was delicious to say the least. Everything was prepared exactly how we liked it (in my case, rare), the service was fabulous, and the dessert was scrumptious and unique! Try the apple crumble with tamarind & vanilla ice cream… East meets West fusion at its best.

  • Very nice! The atmosphere was pleasant. The staff were fantastic and the service was very fast. The attention to detail on some of the dishes was beautiful! My only issue was that I’m feeding hungry teenagers (all boys) and we did find the portions a little too small (for their hunger, I was fine!). I recommended you have an entrée! The desert however makes up for it! The Chocolate Mousse was YUM and the Apple Crumble with Ice-Cream was as good as Nanna used to make it! Highly recommend a visit to Xayoh!

  • To Rach, Mattie and Josh, Thank you for taking the time to post your review.
    I will pass on those positive comments to the team and hopefully we will see you again sipping on cocktails or eating a steak at Xayoh Grill House soon!

    To Rach, I’ll mention your comment to the Chef and i am sure he will take it into consideration.

    Tip for J&C Expat Services Laos only (for now): from monday onwards, check your bill at Khop Chai Deu, free cocktails coupns at Xayoh will be distributed !

    Managing Director Inthira Group

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  • Then I think you would enjoy Veena Cafe very much. Their steaks are amazing, their service is fast and pricing is very reasonable.

  • Horrible!!! Spent $70 for 2 people. Medium well Lamb chop came raw, manager would not replace it, substitute it, or alter the bill. I tried to reason with the manager that spending $1-$2 of their cost to simply complete the meal as it should be was in their best interest, the manager actually walked away. I had a good laugh about it, only in Asia! lol, If you care about money and having a proper meal, I suggest one of the many other fine establishments here, Sorry.

  • Dear Cris,

    I am sorry you had a bad experience at Xayoh but i checked with the manager and it seems that you are two out of three lamb chops before complaining !
    If you had complained when they asked you if everything was fine at the beginning of your meal, they would have recooked them for sure !
    I hope you will come back and not keep hard feeling against us.


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