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Do You Like Nem Neung?

What is Nem Neung? Nem Neung (sometimes spelled Nam Neuang or Nam Nuong) is a refreshing dish of Vietnamese origin that combines fresh salad, white rice noodles and pork sausages.  Typically, local people in Laos will purchase their Nem Neung at a shop and take it back home to enjoy together.  A relatively new shop on Thadeua Rd at KM3, however, has a very clean restaurant where people have begun eating-in.

Vieng Nem Neung Vietnamese Food is actually a franchise of the original and very popular Nem Neung restaurant located at Centrepoint in town. The best selling dish is, of course, Nem Neung. A plate of pork sausages is served alongside a plate of soft rice noodles, rice paper and salad including lettuce, green starfruit, green banana and cucumber. The method of eating is fairly straightforward; simply wrap everything in lettuce, and then wrap that again inside a sheet of rice paper. Then eat it! To top it off, use the tangy dipping sauce to make each bite even tastier!

Alongside Nem Nuang, the restaurant offers a host of other dishes such as ‘sin joom’ which is similar to sukiyaki, but are most famed for their rice paper rolls and fried spring rolls. You can find the restaurant on Thadeau Rd heading towards the bridge opposite Rossano Furniture.  Call 021 353626 or 020 55694854.

Vieng Nem Neung

One thought on “Do You Like Nem Neung?

  • Mmmm, my favorite – from these very shops!

    Also included: Bitter leafy vegetable, ginger cut into toothpicks, banana flower (astringent), sliced garlic, crushed peanuts.

    There is also a place on Khuvieng that serves a similar set up with grilled tilapia. Or, there was in 2008.


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