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Whilst many Vientiane residents eagerly await the proposed supermarket soon to open at the new morning market shopping mall, many will likely continue to frequent the various minimarts dotted around the city that stock imported goods catering to foreign tastes. Most expats soon get a feel for where to buy what, but there are a number of other minimarts which are fairly unassuming from the outside which actually stock a fair amount of imported goods. So which are the best?

The top two minimarts in town are obviously Phimphone Market and Si Muang Minimart, which sell anything and everything you could possibly want as an expatriate. There’s almost nothing you can’t find at either of these minimarts and Si Muang has the bonus of their own freshly baked bread, whilst Phimphone Market makes an excellent cup of coffee.

Here are some other locations that are less well-known but also just as good:

In Thongkang Village: Siavon Minimart is your point of call for just about everything including cheese, meats, milk, bread and yogurt. This one sells the ‘Zap’ brand of bread that many expats enjoy. If you find something at a different minimart that you don’t find here, bring the label in and they will try to order it for you.
Address: Cnr Sokpaluang Rd and Soy 10, Thongkang
Phone: 021 314785

In Phonsinuan Village: Bounnam Minimart (look for the umbrellas out front) has cheese, meats, milk, pet related products and a huge selection of plastic items such as garbage bins, tuppaware and various containers ranging in size. They also sell cups, bowls and glassware. The place is like a mini-Tesco. The only thing missing is quality bread.
Address: 109 Phonsinuan St, Phonsinuan
Phone: 021 414114

On Dongpalan Rd: Oudom Development Minimart is another little-known option. They sell all manner of meats, cheeses, milk products and pet related products. Right next door they also sell very tasty noodle soup.
Address: 162 08 Dongpalan Rd, Dongpalan
Phone: 021 214256

In Khoknin Village: Chinaimo Minimart is just after Romeo Nightclub down Thadeua Rd. This one sells everything you could need. Perfect for those living down the ‘clock tower’ end of town because you won’t need to go all the way into town to get what you need.
Address: 074 07 Thadeua Rd, Khoknin
Phone: 020 5981980

Do you know of another good minimart? Leave a comment!

One thought on “Best Minimarts

  • Sibounheuang (sp?) has cheese, butter, milk, as well as assorted cereal, snacks and candies. Last time I was there (a few days ago) they even had “Pop Weaver” brand microwave popcorn. It’s located on Rue Asean towards Patuxay.

    Also, Santi Mini Market on Luang Prabang road has quite the selection of Western foods for a small market – pickles, candies, snacks, etc. Both markets are also comparatively priced.

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