Spice Up Your Life

Do you love South Asian food? If so, you can always indulge yourself at one of the many Indian restaurants dotted around Laos, but if you ever thought of actually cooking Butter Chicken or Tikka Massala at home, you may be hard pressed to find ingredients such as cardamom pods, ghee or tomato passata at ordinary minimarts in Vientiane. So, where to find specialised South Asian spices

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Best Minimarts

Whilst many Vientiane residents eagerly await the proposed supermarket soon to open at the new morning market shopping mall, many will likely continue to frequent the various minimarts dotted around the city that stock imported goods catering to foreign tastes. Most expats soon get a feel for where to buy what, but there are a number of other minimarts which are fairly unassuming from the outside which actually stock a fair amount of imported goods. So which are the best?

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