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Parking Your Car in Laos

For those new to Laos, heading out in your car for the first time can be a daunting experience. Traffic rules differ to other countries and there are a lot of new driving techniques to learn.  Parking can also be very confusing because of special rules and regulations unique to Laos.

In Vientiane and other cities there are many one-way streets and tiny lane-ways, and specialized parking rules were created to try to keep the roads clear.  Foreigners new to Laos often don’t understand which areas are ok for parking and which are not. The best thing to do is follow the signs. Below is an explanation:

Parking Your Car in Laos

Motorists in Vientiane now face ten-fold fines if they violate a new city ban on the use of pavements, sidewalks or roadsides where parking is prohibited. Read more here: “Vientiane Motorists Face Ten-Fold Fines On Roadside Parking”

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