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Road Carnage Continues In The Lead Up To New Year

Five people were killed and many more injured in a spate of road accidents over a seven day period in Vientiane recently.

According to the Chief of the Vientiane Traffic Police Department, Lieutenant Colonel Youttaphong Souvannasing, from December 15-21 there were 40 road accidents in the capital.

Police estimates put the value of the damage to vehicles and other property at more than 400 million kip.

Of those involved in the accidents, 19 people were slightly injured, 26 were seriously injured and seven were critically hurt while five died at the scene.

The accidents are also getting more serious. Police figures indicate that of the vehicles involved only two sustained minor damage while 47 sustained moderate damage or were written off, but police did not distinguish between the two.

Most of the accidents took place in Xaythany and Sisattanak districts and most of the critical injuries and fatalities occurred in the evening or around midnight, when drunken drivers are known to surge in number.

Lieutenant Colonel Youttaphong said most of the accidents were caused by high speed, reckless driving, intoxication and general violation of the traffic rules. The majority of victims were workers or students.

In an effort to reduce accidents over the New Year period, the Vientiane Traffic Police Department plans to re-educate offenders who commit general violations of the traffic rules, check motorists’ speed and also assess their level of sobriety.

Traffic police also warned that reckless driving, intoxication and general violation of the traffic rules will not be tolerated over the festive period.

Minor infractions will incur warnings but fines and other penalties will be imposed in the case of more serious offences.

Police are demanding that people not drive when drunk and observe the traffic regulations at all times.

Source: Vientiane Times