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The Rimping Difference – Vientiane’s Latest Supermarket

As of yesterday Vientiane has its first real supermarket – Rimping !

Rimping Supermarket, located at the View Mall (which itself is still under construction) is a “upper-end” supermarket, maybe best compared to “Jason Supermarket” in Singapore or “Foodland” in Thailand.

Rimping’s beginnings date back over 60 years in Chiang Mai, Thailand and has from a simple “Mom & Pop” venture grown into a chain of nine stores. It’s still a family-run business without any international affiliations.

The Rimping Supermarket (2)  The Rimping Supermarket (3)

“We are a little different to other supermarkets” says Rimping and after visiting their new branch in Vientiane, I even would say that Rimping is very different to any other super/minimarket in Laos and also in Thailand.

“We love what we do, and we think that shopping should be a pleasant and dignified experience. Promotional announcements are unheard of, and light classical music plays in the background. Browsing can often be a discovery, as we stock many unusual products not sold elsewhere.”

Rimping provides customers with both wet and dry food options, such as fresh as well as chilled products, seafood and meat along with vegetables. You can also buy preserved or packaged products along with other general household items and toiletries. The in-house ‘Oven’ Bakeries offers fine breads, pastries and other patisserie delicacies.

The Rimping SupermarketThe Rimping Difference (2)

My personal impression: Fantastic supermarket. Heaps of fresh food. A little on the pricey side for locals accustomed to finding cheaper deals but would be normal for Expats (prices seem lower compared to other Expat minimarts in town).

Lots of specials for Expats that you don’t normally get in some supermarkets like a fantastic bakery section with lots of breads not normally found in Vientiane. There is also a good selection of wine and cheese. Another positive is that the meat is all kept in refrigerated glass cabinets instead of put in the open like most supermarkets in Thailand (Tesco included).

Last but definitively not least, Rimping’s orange-coloured plastic bags are corn-based and biodegrade and disintegrate in about eight months ! Now that makes me feel wanting to buy even more 😉

Rimping Supermarket @Viewmall Co.,Ltd. Unit 35, 13 South Road, Phakhao Village, Xaythany District Vientiane, Lao PDR. Call (+856) 30-9988333.  Click here for google map

Source: Stephan – J&C, photos Kelvin & Stephan