AIDS Deaths Down But HIV Infections Rise In Laos

Deaths from HIV/AIDS in Laos are on the decrease but the country continues to see new cases in significant numbers, Lao News Agency KPL reported on Monday.
The annual death toll attributed to AIDS had shown annual decreases from 130 deaths in 2010 through to 104 in 2013, reflecting improved efficacy and availability of anti-retroviral treatments.
Disturbingly however, the number of new cases in the country continues to rise with ….

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More Work On HIV In Laos Needed

Health officials say more work is needed to fight HIV/AIDS in Laos, which has an over-reliance on foreign donors and lack of government support, as well as limited treatment coverage and a widespread gap of awareness and testing.
“Even though HIV prevalence is low in [Laos, at 0.3 percent], we still need to keep efforts up to ensure all people in need of HIV services can access them and that no one is left behind. HIV is a reality in Laos and our progress on …..

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Sexually Transmitted Disease Ranks As Top Issue In Laos

The problem of sexually transmitted infection is rated among the top issues at the Vientiane Youth Centre for Health and Development when it comes to evaluating the increased numbers of people who visit the centre to receive advice and treatment.
The Vientiane Youth Centre for Health and Development is under the direction of the Vientiane Women’s Union and provides suggestions and advice on health issues through its hotline at (021) 252 887 or (020) 22232484. The callers are mainly young people seeking advice on health issues. A female caller can get this from medical staff at the centre via extension 1361 and a male caller can get the same through extension 137.
Working hours are….

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HIV/AIDS Prevalence Is Highest In Luang Prabang

The Luang Prabang provincial Health Department is campaigning for greater condom use after learning the province has the highest rate of HIV infection in Laos.
The department also promotes condom use at hotels and restaurants to make sure that all guests have access to information about HIV and its prevention.
According to the Centre for HIV/AIDS/STIs, from 1990 to the end of 2011, 4,272 people in Laos tested positive for HIV. Of these, 2,736 people developed AIDS and 1,170 people died from the virus. In Vientiane alone, 1,464 people have tested positive for HIV, with most of them being relatively young….

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Increasing HIV Infection Challenges Gov’t Reduction Target

Between 1990 and June 2012, over 5,260 out of 334,876 people who were given blood check were identified HIV positive and other 3,282 people were living with AIDS.
1,334 people died of the disease during the period adding Vientiane was ranked first as a province with highest number of HIV infected people (1,873 people), followed by Savannakhet 1,793, and Champassack 552.

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